Umm.  So I'm a little embarrassed to post the following pictures, because I now have no excuse for poor quality pictures other than my own lack of skill.  BUT, my friend Brynn sent us homemade oreo cookies that were to die for...or at least to gain 3 pounds for.  I'm a real sucker for homemade cookies, and these were divine.  And the thrill of a package makes for Christmas Day excitement at our house. 

Oh Yum!

Noah said "Sank you mom!  I wov DEESE cookies!" as he held his up to me. Truth. 
So, Sank you Brynn!
And let's not forget the bubble wrap.  I think it was their first experience with it and they learned quickly=)

Thank you again Brynn!  It made our day!

In other, less exciting, everyday news...I heard Jack and Tays having this debate today and I loved the conclusion. (don't worry, I don't really know what these words mean either...something between Cowabunga and California I think...either way, it doesn't make much difference.)

Jack:  Cowabunya!
Tays: (trying to copy Jack) Tawabornya!
Jack: Cowabunya!
Tays: Tawabornya!
Jack: No Tays, it's Cowabunya!
Tays: Tawabornya!  wike dat?
Jack:  No, you said Tawabornya and I said Cowabunya.
Tays: Oh Tawabornya! wike dat?
Jack:  No Taywor, Cowabunya!  Cowabunya!  Like that.
Tays: Oh.  Tawabornya!
Jack: No. you said Tawa-born-ya again. It's Cowabunya!
Tays: Oh. You're a Jackie and I'm a Taywor so I don't say it wike dat.

What a profound little lesson.  Thanks Tays, I needed that.


  1. Aaaahhdorable conversation and I quite enjoyed the varying type to show the emotions!
    who is this Brynn and can we be best buds????? those cookies looked very yummy! :)
    ps- my strap gets in the way all the time too; if it's not in front of the flash then it's in front of my eye and it never moves out of the way easily or quickly.

  2. Love the way Austin is looking on, like he is just one of the boys now...

    Jack and Taylor's conversation would be good to use in a RS lesson on compassion, or celebrating our differences, or understanding others :))

  3. It's almost surreal seeing the packaging, towels, containers, bags, and cookies that I put together in my house 2,000 miles away in your pictures with your boys! It's cool and weird! I am VERY VERY HAPPY that you all enjoyed the treats! You deserve them :)

    I love Taywor. I want to be friends.

  4. Now "me want cookies" and love the convo! Taylor is profound.

    And congrats on the camera!!! Now when you have your girl someday you will be ready to photograph her and in the meantime you can get fabulous pics of those cute boys. :) I'm definitely jealous....I've never thought of checking for used fancy cameras...you've inspired me to start checking!


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