I'm a guest at Bloom today, talking about growing up in a big family!  Brynn, I know I spelled bullies wrong...how embarrassing! If there is anything else, just don't tell me.  There's nothing I can do about it now I'm afraid. 

Jack's birthday is tomorrow!  This is the first time I'm attempting to host an actual birthday party, and he is SO excited.  He'll be five.  five!  We're having a monster party and it will be awesome.  Mikelle has agreed to dress up as a monster (using her one-piece pajamas which we will stuff with pillows) and be the target of water balloons...I am so excited for that part!  It's bound to be pretty hilarious. =)  Of course I'll post pictures so you can laugh too.

Oh, and on another note...I have a question about skin care. I'm getting old and I see the starts of wrinkles and discoloration.  I know this is inevitable, but thus far have done nothing to prevent it. Any suggestions on products that you love?  It's time to get serious.  Thanks!


  1. What a fun party you have planned.
    For skin care- I LOVE coconut oil- unrefined raw coconut oil- you can run over sometime and grab some if you like. I use it for cooking as well so we buy in 5 gal bucket.

  2. I just use a daily Oil of Olay cream moisturizer. It has spf 15 in it and it makes my make up go on smoother.

    Other than that I just make sure to remove my make up before bed. A dermetologist told me that that is the #1 reason why our faces look older faster.

    I hope the party goes well! That sounds fun!

  3. I really like Oil of Olay and it has sunscreen in it! That totally saved me as a missionary! I've been using it since I was 15ish and it's one of the few brands that I am VERY loyal to!

    Happy birthday Jack!

  4. so...I didn't read past comments, it looks like Rachel and I do the same thing!

  5. I'm going over to read your post right now!

  6. Love the post about your Taylor.

    And wish I had a suggestion on beauty tips. I am in your boat. I noticed a gray hair the other day. And am starting to see signs of upcoming wrinkles. I am only going to be 25 in August. This isn't good.

  7. your sister as a monster with the water balloons...AWESOMENESS!!! As for skin care, I was told by a cosmetoligist (sp?) that a night cream is huge! I am using Burt's Bees night radiance right now...as for regular moisturizer ...the olay regenerist line has beat tonnes of other dept. store brands by multiple consumer research/ derm. companies....just google it!

  8. I'm loving visiting your blog. If only all of us mothers could find so much 'joy in the journey'!

    For your skin..eat tons of raw fruit and leafy greens...a mostly raw, plant based, whole foods diet. Avoid chemicals, processed fats, and chocolate that mess with your hormones. Your skin will glow! This is especially important for you with all your multiple pregnancies. It's very important to keep up your nutrient/mineral supply!


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