five five five five five

I will warn you now.  There will be a lot of pictures in this post.  Consider yourselves warned.  Now...Let's get this party started=)

Mikelle, Abbie and I stayed up late getting everything ready for the perfect birthday...Abbie even swept and mopped my large kitchen, dining area and laundry room.  Bless that woman.
Just a glimpse at the chaos=)
But everything came together:
and then we went to bed, anticipating Jack's reaction.

Taylor woke up first:
Then Noah:
Then Austin:
And finally...
Here is what he is seeing:
Here is his reaction:
Oh, I love that face!
meeting his cake for the first time.
Austin contemplates the wonder that is helium as Noah patiently waits for a lick
(Jack was great about sharing that sucker)
Kristen took this when I wasn't watching, but it's funny to me, so I'm including it. 
We were having a small chat about what a birthday is
(a happy day to celebrate the birthday child)
and what it isn't
(a day to be sad because you aren't the birthday child or be snotty because you are)

Then with that all cleared up, on to breakfast.  Kristen made green pancakes=)
This is Taylor saying: when it's my birfday, tan I hab a bwoon wike dat?
(yes you can.)

The morning went by quickly, and the party was upon us before we knew it!
(Jack has the cutest little friends)
It all was so much fun, but the best part was (as I predicted) the monster hunt.
(mikelle the "queen monster" hiding)
Everyone searching for her:
And finding her!
And chasing her down and chucking water balloons at her!
They finally got the best of her:
and showed no mercy:

Oh...we laughed so hard.
so hard.
Then went inside for cake and presents:
It was a VERY fun party.

After the party, Jack took a bath.  (he got a slip n' slide at the party and got all wet)  I told him that it was still his birthday and he could do anything he wanted to, then asked what he'd like to do.
He replied:
"stay calm, and play and play, and eat lots of cake."
I loved that idea.  That is what he did.

Later, Grandma and Grandpa Larson came over with some fun presents:
everyone appreciated this=)

And just around bed time Jack decided the park sounded like a good idea, so we went and played baseball, just the six of us.

And all in all, it was a perfect day.
Jack stayed happy all day long, and he is a perfect little five.


  1. I was laughing out loud at Mikelle the Monster!!! What a fun, low-key, creative party!

  2. The monster was very clever, and I am sure those kids wont ever forget about that. The thing I liked the most about this birthday is the fact that you made it all about Jack. It looks like he had the perfect day!

    I'll be in Utah the first part of September. I will mostly be at my Grandparents (Hale) house. I would love to see you and your cute kids.

  3. Ok, so I love the monster hunt--did you come up with that?! I wouldn't be surprised! How fun though! Will you help plan all of Lucy's birthday parties?

  4. I love this party! Too cute! The monster hunt is the best. I am sure he will remember that party for a long time!

  5. YAYYYY! I've been waiting for this!!! Loved it all....Mikelle the monster - PRICELESS! Loved the hat decorating station....I remember a wee post a while back about how you couldn't pull off themed parties? you might want to update that post my friend. Most of all, it looks like the kids had a blast!

  6. Love these pics! Sounds like a riot!!

  7. Such a cute mom you are, Natalie! That party looks amazing! You really know how to make a day special for your cute boys...I am learning from your example, so thanks!


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