before, middle, and after eyebrows

my fat high school eyebrows:

my thin college eyebrows:

my "finally! I have decent" eyebrows:
I thought this picture too dark, so I hit "auto color" and this is what I got:
I thought this picture too unforgiving, but there it is.  
(You can now see why I was asking about skin care products a few weeks ago.) 

Note the acne on my face?  I've never had acne be a symptom of pregnancy before, but this time it showed up right at the start and won't go away.  It must be a girl this time?
acne = reason to hope. 


  1. Love the eye brows!! You are totally having a girl because all of my friends that have had problems with skin have had girls. Lizzy had the same problem ala girl!!!

  2. All I have to say is...you were gorgeous and still are gorgeous in all the stages of life you've displayed in pictures. Seriously. And your fat high school eyebrows don't even come close to mine in those days. Heh heh.

  3. Yeah, when you said your eyebrows were fat in high school, I was seriously thinking caterpillars, but they totally were NOT! They look fine, and as usual, you were/are too hard on yourself! The threaded ones look good though, perfect arch and shape.

    PS I feel special. That's my hair in your college pic :)

  4. JILL...I accidentally rejected your comment (SO sorry!) , but here it is:

    "Hmmm...Did you ever crave beef while pregnant before? Do you this time? I am so not a meat eater but all 4 times I was pregnant I would crave hamburgers, even at 9am. My sister who has 4 girls and 1 son, said she only wanted beef when she was pregnant with her son. But I also have to add, I don't think the beef cravings came until at least the 2nd trimester.
    Just a thought. "

    Thanks Jill! I have craved burgers with my boys...but I also crave them when I'm not pregnant, so I don't know=) Haven't had many cravings so far in this pregnancy.

  5. Ky, I cropped you out of the picture because it was the one where we'd given you "idaho hair" and I wasn't sure you'd want that for all the world to see, even though you looked hot=) I have a bunch of pictures of us that we'll have to get together and laugh over sometime=)

  6. We must be on the same eyebrow journey! High school was unruly, college was WAY too tweezed and now I have found a wonderful waxer lady who tell me not to touch them and now I have arches and everything so I can appreciate your post! :)

    I had horrible acne when I was pregnant and I (obviously) had a girl. Nothing I tried worked but as soon as I popped her out, my skin went back to normal so there is additional hope in sight!

    Here's hoping!

  7. I had to laugh at both your eyebrow posts because I'm kind of a weirdo about my eyebrows too. I ought to pluck every day, but don't and so last week I realized on the way to church that I hadn't gotten a chance to pluck for about a week. I almost made my husband turn around and wanted to hide all during church. Haha! I now keep a pair of tweezers in my wallet. Also, I have had a similar feelings with trying to figure out how to shape my eyebrows. (I used to get my younger sis to pluck them for me in early high school.) And I've totally been through the whole too thick, too thin thing. You're an inspiration! :)

  8. i was a zitty mess while preggers with my girl. perfectly clear with my boy. although it's never fun to break out, if it means you might be able to finally buy something pink......i think you'll happily deal. right?

  9. I love the eyebrow timeline...and congrats on the pregnancy! Sending some "girl" vibes your way. :)

  10. your eyebrow history is eerily familiar to mine :)

  11. my mom and I just went to a threading spa! it was really fun!! kinda like waxing, but I didn't feel like she was ripping my skin off along with all the unruly hairs ;) and yes, she told me I had gone too thin... oh well! I love how they look now.
    I really really hope your acne means a girl is in your future! boy love is so so sweet, priceless. but there are just so many things you can only do with a girl...sew dresses, braid hair, paint nails, window shop ;)


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