Happy Birthday Taylor!

Dear Taylor,

On Saturday we celebrated your fourth birthday.  We got doughnuts and chocolate milk and went to the park with Kristen and Gavin for breakfast.  We went to the dinosaur museum.  We went to McDonalds.  We watched a movie.  We went swimming with Marlee and Mikelle. We went to the store and you picked out lots of candy.  You planned the day to the letter.  My camera was dead through it all, sadly.  After Jack's birthday party, you had high expectations of the day and I think you were mostly satisfied.  We all especially loved the swimming part.  We took turns going down the water slides with you boys, laughing all the way.

You requested a shark cake, which we had on Sunday when all of the Aunts could come. You loved the sparkler '4' candle and were hilarious trying to blow out your other ones. 

I just love my little taylor boy.  You fill up my life with your unique exuberance, ample affection, and quirky little ways. You have a very active imagination and a happy way of going through life.  Not overly cheerful, but pleasant and content.  I love the way you talk right now.  You say things like:

"I wanna go to dat park, I wanna."  "Does he have feathers, does he?"  "I was gonna do somefing, I was gonna"  "I don't wanna go first, I don't wanna." "Was he going to eat dat bug, was he?"

You've always done that, adding on the last few words.  It's starting to fade, and I'll miss it when it's gone, but I love it while it's part of who you are.  Also part of who you are: a love of food, a love of fluffy little animals and babies (your voice goes up a few octaves and you say "oh tute!" when you see them), a love/hate relationship with dogs and swings, a love/fight relationship with Jack and Noah, an enthusiastic love for Austin, a death glare for those who cross you, the squishiest hugs that I can't get enough of, a loud indoor voice that isn't to be quieted (although you do try, you just forget), a love of books, a shy nature when you're in public without your brothers, an adorably sweet side that comes out when we're one-on-one, a generous nature (you unselfishly distributed your birthday candy to your brothers, much to their delight), a stubborn streak, a love of laughter.

I love being your mom.  You hold such a tender place in my heart and make me happy every day.  Lately, when reviewing the day with your dad, I'll often note "Tays was the hero of the day." meaning that you made my life easier because you were just really good and sweet.  You each take your turns, go through your phases, but in general you are consistently good these days and I really appreciate that.  I did get mad at you and so you got mad at me this morning (it was your fault=) but I warmed up a bowl of soup and you nestled in by me on the couch and we took turns eating bites as we watched little bear, and quickly all was forgiven.  We have a lot of those good moments in our days together, and I look forward to years more. 

I love you so.



  1. Cute. Sweet. I can only hope I reflect on and savor moments like those on a regular basis when I'm a mom. You're a really, really great mom, Natalie.

  2. I love your ability to capture your children through your descriptions. It is a real talent. YES we will be in Spokane starting on August 10th. There is a Lee reunion the 12th thru 14th, but we would love to get together before. We can't wait to see you guys!!

  3. When you write posts like this I get really excited to have children someday. I love that you capture the nuances of their speech, and moments like sharing a bowl of soup watching "Little Bear" (love that show).

    Love it.

  4. That's so wonderful that he felt like he had a great birthday too, even without the party! And that you have raised such a sweet boy that he, unsolicited, gave out his candy to share with his brothers- love that! Happy birthday little man :)


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