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Oh the great catch up post. 

1. I went in for an early ultrasound at fetal studios in the mall.  I just had to know and I'm only 15 weeks along. Results: probably another boy!  He wasn't 100% certain (the cord was in the way), so he's having me come back this week.  To be honest, I was shocked.  I've really felt girl vibes this time, but I suppose I just hyped myself up and saw every difference in this pregnancy as an indication that this would be a girl.  FIVE boys.  BOYS.  five of them.  Although it has taken me a bit of time to wrap my brain around it, I love it.  Now if only I can come up with another name...

2. A happy visit from my brother Eric, his wife Andy, and three girls Ruth (3), Sadie (almost 2) and May (3 months) as they journey east to start law school in Georgia.  Eric and Ruthie stayed until yesterday, then headed out in the moving truck, car in tow.  Andy, Sadie, and May are here until Thursday, and I feel so lucky to have this time with them before they're so far away.  May is the sweetest baby ever born.  She sleeps and eats and smiles.  Sadie is SO darling and I sure will miss these little girls.  The night they arrived I came downstairs to find Kevin holding May, she was smiling and he was loving it.  I love Kevin with babies, and I can't wait to see him with a daughter of his own...someday.=)  Andy is so wonderful. Yesterday she took it upon herself to get our backyard whipped into shape and we spent the whole day weeding and sweeping, and mowing and trimming.  It looks so great. I can't even tell you.  I'll miss them all so much.

3.  On Saturday I was able to meet a friend I met through this very blog.  Brynn and her husband David are from North Carolina but were out here visiting family.  The generously shared some of the little spare time they had with us and it was just like talking to old friends.  It's funny how well you can know someone you've never actually met.  Even David was just as I pictured he would be and they were an adorable, loving couple, just as I knew they would be.  I wish I  could have spent at least a whole day just talking to Brynn, but alas, a few hours were all there was time for.  We went to Zupas and then came back here to just talk and play with the boys.  If I get nothing more out of this blog than that friendship, it will have been worth it.  Thanks so much for taking the time, Brynn and David!  We loved it.

4.  My great uncle (who I met only a few times as a child) passed away, so my family is coming down for the funeral.  They arrive on Thursday, and I can't wait to see them all.  We're busy getting the house (and yard) all ready for their arrival.  I can't wait! 

5.  Today is Marlee's birthday!  I love my sister Marlee.  They boys love their Auntie Marlee.  She's coming over tonight for cake and a movie.  Marlee does what she wants, especially on her birthday, and it's satisfying to know that she wants to end her day here, with us.  Marlee, we love you so much!  Now, your favorite nephew is standing naked beside me, begging for a bath, so I must go. 

I'll add pictures to this post when I find time.  Sorry if this is lame, each of these should have their own post as I have much more I could say about each, but life is too crazy for such things right now.  Posting now.


  1. I've missed you! This was a great post because it updated us on what's going on. And hey, I would have LOVED to have had FIVE BOYS. Really. I have a friend who did have the 5 sons and I've always envied her. They are all so different so it's a new experience every time.

  2. "Posting now." That made me laugh. I've never heard David talk so much about a friendship visit...he LOVED you guys. And what can I say? I already loved you guys...now I love you more! Looking forward to when we actually do have one whole day to talk about anything!

  3. oh my gosh! you must have only one recipe for making babies! crazy :)

    keep us updated if anything changes...i was really feeling the girl vibes too! your boys will be thrilled to have another little brother though...happy for you.

    p.s. giving away a cute little print i designed over on my blog...if your busy schedule permits, i'd love it if you stopped by!

  4. I love catch up posts!!! Probably because I really love lists! FIVE BOYS!!!! WOW. I have a feeling that if I were to have five kids they'd all be girls...Your boys are blessed to have you Natalie...

  5. Oh, wow...another boy! I have a feeling if we go for #5 it would be our fifth boy as well. Enjoy your time with your extended family!

  6. So crazy! You certainly know how to prove statistics wrong! haha! I told you of my sister with only 5 girls, didn't I? It's just a blessing to add one more little one to the family - regardless of gender. You know that though! :D

  7. I am cringing because I need to do a catch-up post majorly. The longer I put it off, the longer it gets, the more I don't want to do it. =/

    And it sounds like you are raising Helaman's latter-day army all by yourself! It must be because you're so good at it!!

  8. Congrats on a healthy baby -- can't wait to hear if it really is a boy.


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