Labor Day 2010

This weekend we will celebrate our 6th anniversary.  Six years.  We make quite a team, Kevin and I.  You should have seen us yesterday, laboring all day long.  We decided to landscape our yard and finish re-finishing our kitchen chairs.  (please don't look up when we actually started that project, it's shamefully embarrassing and I would rather not know.)  We woke at 7, both of us sick with colds, and got going.   Ten and a half hours later, we finished.  My hands were stiff from recovering seat cushion after seat cushion and blazing through 14 cans of spray paint.  Kevin's were rough and calloused from weeding and digging 19 holes and planting 19 bushes, then reassembling the chairs.  What a day.  what. a. day.

But when all was done, we ignored our messy house, ate dinner, and loaded into the car for ice cream.  At around hour 7 of our efforts, I was needing (desperately needing) some inspiration.  So I  promised myself an Iceberg milkshake and Kevin agreed to funding it.  We bought kid cones from McDonalds for the boys (Austin joyfully squealed with excitement when he saw his) and splurged on $5 shakes for Kevin and I.  At first this seemed like a little much to be spending on a treat, but really, that's like 50 cents an hour.  We're well worth it, I say.  I  ordered a grasshopper one and as we waited at the window, Jack asked me "Mom,  why did you say you wanted a "grasshopper" to them." =)I love little minds.  Best grasshopper I ever ate.  Rather than go home, we decided to just keep driving for a while. We shared our shakes with the boys as we drove along.  I'd pass a spoonful to Jack, who would eat it if it was his turn or pass it on back to Taylor who would eat it if it was his turn or pass it on to Noah who would eat it if the spoon got that far.  Austin was content with his soggy ice cream cone that still wasn't quite gone when we got home 45 minutes later.

And now I sit, typing away happily in my still messy house, gearing up for another (much needed) productive day.  Maybe if I promise myself a frosty... 

Today is my mom's birthday.  I think you all know how I feel about that woman.  Happy Birthday Mom!  My life wouldn't nearly as happy without you.


  1. Yes, yes! A frosty is WELL worth nearly any effort. I definitely agree with that prize. So what are you going to do for it?

  2. PICTURES!!! I want to see some pics of all this work! Love you sister!

  3. I love it when you just write about your life like this.
    So I have missed your mom...does she not do her wonderful blog any longer? I thought she was perhaps taking the summer off, but now I'm getting worried.


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