Do you ever wonder what moments are going to stick in the minds of your children? 

This morning Austin found an empty potato chip bag and managed to find some little pieces in the bottom.  He sat on my lap facing me, eating happily.  He held up a small piece and grinned. I looked lovingly into his eyes and nodded.  It was a sweet moment, and then the thought crossed my mind: "I wonder if this will turn into a subconscious memory that will find significance and haunt him for life, giving him an unexplained deep love for this unhealthy food."  He'll be addicted, eating bag after bag, looking for the love and approval that he found in that brief moment with me and only find instead the bottom of the bag and greasy fingers.

Sorry Austy. It's all my fault.


  1. Your boys are going to have so many positive memories of your mothering, they are going to be incredible husbands, Dads, and great adults...even if they eat potato chips!

  2. Oh, man. That made me laugh so hard. The way you worded it, too, was hilarious. I guess the way you can counteract that is by finding a moment when you can look lovingly into his eyes when he's eating a carrot, or tofu.

  3. oh goodness, I think he'll be ok! As much as I hate to think of it, the earliest memory I have is from when I was 4. And I have a lot of memories from that year, but before then... However, after 27yrs, I'm quite certain that my mom loves me and I'm pretty sure that Austin has more than that one moment with the chip bag where you looked lovingly into his eyes and held him close!

  4. you. are. hilarious. Our kids can go to food counselling together :) We bond over food way too often :)

  5. Natalie! I found your blog and I love it! Can we be blog friends (in addition to being real friends of course)? :)


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