twenty seven

Well, hello.  This dumpy computer being what it is, it shuts down whenever I attempt to upload pictures.  So someday I'll do a great photo update, but until then, you're stuck with just my words.   We have returned from our trip to Washington.  It was inspiring, as always.  On the way up we caravaned with Nick, Nadine, Audrey(5), Eric(3), and baby Sam. It was a great trip. We filled the week with games and outings and great food, as always.  I hardly saw Jack or Taylor, as they were outdoors adventuring with Peter and Audrey and Eric.  Noah joined them much of the time, but at least he came to find me for reasons other than an empty stomach. "THIS is how little boys should grow up" I kept thinking to myself...but of course I've never thought differently.  

On one of the first evenings there Kevin and I took a long walk down the gravel roads, surrounded by trees and fields and sky.  Austin and Noah were in the stroller, but were content to just ride along and let us muse about the beauty of it all and discuss our life.  We talked about living a life we choose to, acting rather than being acted upon.  There are some aspects of my life that are very deliberate.  Having 5 children in six years is one of those aspects, as out of control as it may seem.  Living in Utah on a .19 acre lot...well, it works for now. 

And then there are smaller things, like waking up in the morning and each little interaction with my children.  Most days, my days begin with me being "acted upon" when I wake at a time dictated by my earliest riser (usually Taylor or Noah).  Without recognizing it, I've come to spend most of my days, my moments, reacting to the actions of my children.  They wake, I wake.  They fight, I break it up. They make a mess, I clean. They need something, I  get it.  They get hungry, I figure out what to feed them.  Part of  this  has come of necessity.  Their wants, their minds, their needs, have become my world.  I don't resent that and have really come to enjoy it, actually.  But I'm beginning to hear a call to action where my conscious choices would dictate to makeup of my day.  Since that conversation up in Washington, it seems to be a theme in my life.  The Sunday school lesson on agency, another great conversation with my mom, the book on tape we listened to all the way home was a novel about a man who lived his life doing what he loved and not compromising himself to fit in with the world...then I came home and realized the series of tapes I bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago is called Active Parenting and they're all about not being reactive in your approach to raising children.   It seems I have a lesson to learn and Heavenly Father is making it very clear for me.  

I turned 27 last Friday. 27 has been my lucky number since middle school when it happened to be that 2 of the boys I liked both had birthdays on the 27th of different months.  It was fate. Not really, but even still, it's remained a number that holds significance above other numbers, dorky I know.  But it seems appropriate that I would be feeling like this here as I enter a new (significant) year of being alive.  It will not be just another year, it will be a year of my making. The second trimester of pregnancy is always motivating. I come back to life a bit and feel the anticipation of good things on the horizon. Nesting comes in to play and I undertake big projects on a whim.  I feel the need to get every aspect of my life in order before the baby comes. 

By the way, it IS a boy!  Can you believe it?  boy names anyone? 


  1. First and foremost, Happy Belated Birthday! Second, how odd about the 27 as any guy I have had a lasting relationship with also had a bday that fell on the 27th of a month (including my now DH) so I consider it my lucky number too! This was a great post that gave me lots to think about:) Happy nesting. I wish I could help you with a name, but frankly I'm running out of boy names as well. LOL

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time! I sent you an email last week -- get back with me when you can. =)

    I think you make a wonderful point about acting versus reacting. For me, it has been so good to be very organized with my time and set up routines for reading time, walks, outings, laundry, kitchen cleaning, kids' chores, etc. As funny as it sounds, it frees me up to be more spontaneous and to adapt to the daily changing needs of my kids.

    Happy Birthday! And congrats on a fifth boy! Your boys are lucky to have each other and you.

  3. I always love your posts. :) Happy belated 27th! 27 is a good age! Enjoy it! I am almost 29 and that kinda scares me. ;) 5 boys! You are a champion mother!!

  4. It's great to read you again. I really enjoyed your thoughts in this post.

    Let's see...boy names...

    1. Syllables. You have one one-syllable name, and three two-syllable names. You have the option of evening it out with a one-syllable name.

    2. Vowel and consonant sounds. They all begin with a different letter, so you could follow tradition and choose a name with its own unique. Three names begin with a consonant, and one begins with a vowel. You could round it out and begin this name with a vowel. They all end with different sounds ("ck", "er", "uh", "in"). You have ALL FOUR different sounds of the letter "A" somewhere in each of the names. Just something to think about.

    3. Meanings. Jack (diminuitive of John) means "Jehovah is gracious." Taylor is derived from Latin, and literally means "tailor, to cut, to sew." You can still draw wonderful meaning from that: busy, focused, and productive. Noah means "Rest, comfort." Austin means "Great, venerable." Good website: www.behindthename.com.

    4. You kind of can't go wrong, because you have a great variety of names that all seem to go together really well.

    5. Flow. Jack, Taylor, Noah, Austin, and...Hunter...Issac...Parker...Aiden...Colton...Cole...Drew...those are the ones that come to mind right now.

    Good luck!

  5. I love Parker and Lincoln, and both have been nixed by my husband. Actually we like Lincoln, but fatefully it ends with an "n" which would blend too much with Newton.

  6. Yay another boy!! And Happy Birthday! Let's see names: Liam, Andersen, Eli, Elliot, and Cohen. You can always name it Emerson it works both ways!

  7. I'd like to add Jacob and James in the running. They're classic yet appealing.

  8. And how about Wyatt and Gavin? Those are nice names, too. By the way, are you going to rename your blog "My Five Small Boys?" Or maybe you should just call it "All Boys." Heh heh.

  9. I am commenting waaaaay too much on this post, but I'd just like to say...

    My vote, after thinking it over quite deliberately, is for Isaac. Not that you ever said you liked it, or were thinking about it, or anything.

    I just think it goes the best with the flow of names when you rattle them all off. There is no repetition in any of the beginning or ending sounds of the names. I also agree with Em that Liam is a very good name!

  10. hello again :) I'm also feeling the need to get up before I'm "acted on" to get out of bed. I think it will make me have a better, happier, more organized day, but it just means it will be that much longer of a day and right now...it's just exhausting to make it to bed time.
    I have never been able to name my boys before I meet them. I tried, but he just came out being Travis and not Walter. I love the name Heath, but a celebrity with that name died right around the time Chase was born so that name was out. I was also told by Chris' grandma not to name the boys with the same first letter because people would mix up their names all the time and her brothers, Kenneth and Keith, hated it- so Tyson was out too. I think you have done a wonderful job naming your boys; they all look to me like their names match their appearance and personalities. I have no doubt you'll do great again!

  11. Happy Birthday! Yay for the 2nd trimester! My fave for sure! I always love hearing your thoughts and processing on parenting...glad to have you back Nats :)

  12. I agree. Ty seems to be a running terror in my house. I find myself reacting - often badly - to the messes, fits, and just agresive boy crazy behavior. When you find insights, do share. I'm finding the end of my rope far too frequently of late. Boy names... Sorry we're terrible there. I think we're having a boy too although we're not going to find out this time (it's the only time it doesn't matter because it's even, right?). Eric likes Kaden. I think it's ok. But that's what I say about EVERY boy name :o) Love you guys.

  13. awww. congrats on boy #5! how fun for you :)

    three has always been my lucky number. i played soccer my entire life from the age of five all through high school and my jersey always sported the number three.

    well, it just so happens that my baby turned three on sunday, i am three months pregnant with my third child, due in the third month of next year, all my children were born three years apart and my sister is due three weeks after me. oh, and i conceived when i was 33. dun. dun. dun.

  14. p.s. i vote for Isaac. and happy belated...our bdays are within a week of each other :)


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