I think you're right.

I think just need a little time without stressing about not posting.  I want to continue in a genuine way, but making it private may result in the demise of this blog, I'm afraid.  As much as I worry about losing authenticity by leaving this blog open to anyone, I also know very well that if I try to do it just for me, it will cease to be.

I think I've just been discouraged by my lack of posting, my shallow catch-up posts, my lack of brain power, and the overall fluffy feel of my blog lately.  I don't blame you for that, I really think it is more the result of my lack of enthusiasm for it...not to mention a computer that just shuts down at will, especially when I'm attempting to download pictures from my camera.

It seems the forces are working against me=)  So, I'll let them have their way for a few weeks or so, and be back when I feel more like it.  Thanks for all of your kind words, they all meant a lot to me and reminded me that it really just wouldn't be the same without you.  I'll catch up with you soon and it will be wonderful.  Until then, thanks again.  Really, thank you.


  1. I think you're a wise woman!! (All summer, actually, I've been meaning to "take a couple of months off" blogging...I'm curious, more than anything else, to see if there will be noticeable changes in my life if I dodn't blog. I can anticipate changes - both good and bad. It's a funny conundrum, isn't it??!) Anyway, have a nice break! I look forward to hearing more again when you're ready! You're a kindred spirit. =)

  2. Natalie, your posts are by no means fluff! Post when you can...write what you want. You have a lot on your plate with four kiddos and being pregnant...cut yourself some slack:)

  3. I know that I will miss your blog posts. I don't always comment. I think I get intimidated by the fact that so many people comment on your blog. Maybe I'm just silly like that. I'm shy, what can I say?

    However, I also don't blame you for taking a break. I have been slacking in the blogging arena for several months and I have no good reason except that I just don't want to do it. That's life, right? There is a time and a place for everything.

  4. Natalie,

    I like to read Kelly McCaleb's blog, and she wrote a short post recently that encapsulates her "rules" for blogging. One of the main things is only writing when she feels like it. I'm pretty sure it alleviates a bit of stress and feeling any pressure from outside sources. She blogs for herself, you know? Sometimes she doesn't post for weeks and weeks, and other times it's every day.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share. Here's the link. See you when you feel like it!


  5. Nat--you know I love you--but first of all, your lack of blogging was like a week long--seriously?! sometimes i go like a month without posting?! but I am so happy that you have this blog b/c I really felt like we totally lost communication several years ago and I have loved seeing what a beautiful mother you are to your lucky boys thru this blog! So go private or not, but i still want to get updates from you!

    and i think right now you have full authority to blame everything on pregnancy!

    Keep smiling!

  6. Just take it easy and blog when inspiration strikes :) I love your posts!

  7. Hope you find a good balance between real life and blogging...I know I struggle to find it without even having any children. I hope you don't completely let the blog go, but if you do, I hope you have a chance every now and then to comment on my posts with tidbits of info on you and yours...I have loved being a part of your "details".

  8. OK so I hardly ever get onto the computer so just reading this post I am so lost :) I wish you well whatever you decide! BTW we are expecting too! I am due early March. We haven't put it on the blog since I haven't yet told my mom... Long story why although you could probably guess why. We love you guys and hope when we get our behinds out to UT we can see you!!


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