This weekend we went to the fair.  I briefly considered sending Kevin and the boys along with Kristen and Gavin alone so I could get things done at home.  Then I pictured my boys seeing the animals and squealing with delight, so I put those responsible thoughts aside.  Looking back, I'm not sure that was the right choice, though I don't know what Kev would have done without me.  The fair was sort of a disaster.  Jack and Taylor had been to the doctor the day before for shots and Taylor's legs were sore.  Upon arrival, we took in the free sea lion show.  I really can't believe how people plunk down money at a fair.  It cost 12-25 dollars to get your picture taken with the sea lions and folks were just lining up.  Anyway, the show itself was quite impressive and I had high hopes for the rest of our fair day.  As it turns out, it was all down hill from there.   

The boys were thrilled at the sight of the rides, but at $2-$4 per ride per person, we had to dash their hopes again and again.  Same with the overpriced treats.  In the minds of my oldest two, the word "fair" translated into "ferris wheel" and upon our arrival Taylor excitedly pointed to the towering structure and said "I see the fair!"  Before seeing the ride prices we determined that we'd splurge and go on that one ride (I was thinking $2 tops).  The cost: 4 tickets = 4 dollars.   Twenty four dollars for 2 minutes of family fun seemed ridiculous.   After painful deliberation, we noticed a smaller ferris wheel on the other side of the park, prayed it would be cheaper, and headed over.  Navigating four little boys through the crowds at a fair is not a simple task, especially if one of those boys has sore legs and is in no mood to cooperate.  We finally made it, only to find that the price of the dinky one was only a dollar cheaper.  Defeated, we plunked down the $18 and climbed aboard.  This one went a little faster than the actual ferris wheel and slightly terrified both Taylor and Austin (poor Austin trembled and let out a little whimper every time we'd come up over the top.)  

Eager to leave the rides behind us, we ushered our crew over to the barns.  We had just been to Wheeler Farm earlier this week, so they just weren't all that excited by the animals.  They wanted hot dogs.  After about 25 minutes of trying to spark some sort of enthusiasm in our boys with very little success, we admitted defeat and made our way across the fairgrounds to the dollar dogs stand and fed our family of six for five dollars (I opted out).  And then we left.  It was hot and nap time and no one complained as we made our way back to the van, at least not about the fact that we were leaving. 

Looking back, I say mistake. 

BUT the boys look back and can't stop talking about that ferris wheel, and they remember the mom pig with her nine little piggies and how three of those piggies were walking right on their mom.  Those sea lions were funny and Rose (the older sea lion) could dance better than Kim (the younger one). And that big cow was HUGE and had horns but it was nice and it's ears were big.  So...success? 

I still can't decide.  Maybe in a year we'll give it another try.  Maybe.

On Sunday we took a drive up through the canyon and it was amazing.  The leaves are changing and it is breathtaking.  If you live close, go right now.  Taylor did get car sick and threw up(there are a lot of bends in the road), but even dealing with that was well worth it.  We grabbed a handful of red leaves that are now pressing in our thick animal encyclopedia. We drove all the way through the Alpine Loop and stopped to see the Aunts in Provo before heading home.  That, I'm sure, was an outing worth repeating.  Maybe even tonight.


  1. That's what I like about your blog. It's real life. Right down from the expensive ride tickets to Taylor throwing up driving through the canyons. I think your Fair day will seem better with the passage of time.

  2. I think it is so sad that families can't even enjoy the fair anymore because of cost. It is all about money now and not about learning and fun. It may be ok with one or two kids but when you have three or more it simply costs too much. We have skipped it the last several years and will again this year, it's just not much fun to tantalize kids with treats and rides when you have to tell them no!

  3. I think that despite the frustration, you made good decisions in trying to still give your boys a good time, but also try to save a little money and not completely empty your wallet. It seems discerning and responsible, and I like that you talk about your deliberations. Poor Austin...whimpering on the ferris wheel! ("Fair" = "Fair-iss wheel") Cute.

  4. we have rodeos here and it's free to watch, though a little rough, but that too is all that is free. We had a terrible time with Travis the first time we went because he wanted to ride the rides and climb the climbing wall, but was too small even if we had spent the small fortune on that stuff. We haven't been back since. It's nice for you to know that your older boys remember having a great time even if it seemed a waste during! The world needs more free or reasonably priced stuff for families- it just doesn't seem to exist anymore and that is so so sad.

  5. We thought it would be a good family outing too but most of it was such a big rip-off. Bleh. E has been talking a lot about Ferris wheels since we came home, though. The kids will just remember the good parts.


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