Bloom Contest

So...I've entered a little contest over at BLOOM and am a finalist =)  Not a huge deal, I know, but it's fun to be part of it and I do love Country Living magazine, so winning would be really fun too.

Now, I'm not telling you to vote for me.  I am just asking that you visit this site, look over the pictures, and let your heart guide you from there...

I think you'll know the right thing to do.



  1. I just voted, and I will have my husband vote too...for you of course! Yours was such a natural moment...teaching, mothering, the mom/son relationship, beauty, ...all in one.

    So Natalie, I have a question on my blog. If you have an answer would you mind letting me know? I'm trying to get my blog on Google Reader but I don't know how. Do you remember how you got yours on?

  2. I voted! what a fun photo contest. I don't have any photos of me "being a mom" and I'd love to have those memories to look back on. Thanks for the nudge towards documenting "real" life instead of just cheesing it!

  3. OH NATS! of course you are going to win... your so good looking!

  4. Hey there,

    So I just wanted you to know that I want you to win, eeeeeeven if I'm a finalist too. Really, your photo is so great and I think it should win.

    That's all:)

    PS I love love love Asking Jane. She's your mom, right? Are you the daughter that got things rolling with the blog? It's the best.

  5. Brynn, I deleted your comment on accident! So sorry, friend. Thanks all for voting! It was a close race, but I'm sort of relieved I didn't win. Im not very good at being in the spotlight...and when I was in the lead I started to feel kind of awkward. Silly, I know. I wanted it, but I didn't. Easy to say that now, that I lost=) But I did feel the love and that was fun.

    Abbie, your comment made my day! So nice.

  6. Natalie,

    Just wanted to drop in and tell I was honored to be so close in the Bloom running with you - WHAT DARLING BOYS. Seriously, I can't let my husband see this blog! We are expecting our third girl in just a few weeks (not that we don't LOVE our girlies). We have our fingers crossed for a boy someday.
    Take care!


    Ps...I noticed their ages too - 4,3,2,1...GET OUTTA TOWN!! You are such a trooper!

  7. I was sad that you didn't win! But...they were all cute photos, and that was a fun contest to witness. And now I know how you really feel about me, Natalie. Sheesh.


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