The Finished Playroom!

 This swing was quite the project.  We hung it just about 6 inches off the ground so Austin can climb on by himself and so that it won't conk anyone in the face.  Even with lots of padding (4 pillows and a blanket covered in a couch cushion cover) it packs a punch at full swing.  Fortunatly, we haven't had any injuries so far...just lots and lots of enjoyment.  It is hand's down the favorite part of the playroom right now.
 Our awesome neighbors gave us thier old spring horse, which only added to the spendid magic on Christmas morning.  I say old, but it is in perfect condition and the boys LOVE it.  (see jack's initial reaction below). 
 We bought this at IKEA, hoping it would be the same height as the table.  It worked!  By using this space for our toy storage as well as stairs, we were able to add the horse without crowding up the room.
 We didn't get around to getting the ship wheel up on the wall yet, darn it.  But the boys still love the slide.  The treasure chest below houses their dress up clothes, guns, swords, etc.
 We finished painting the little kitchen, though decided to junk the fridge that came with it.  It was bulky and falling apart, and the boys really don't seem to mind at all.  I'm surprised at how much they've played with it.

This is the space under the stairs.  Just a soft place for watching movies.  They have been far too busy with everything else to use this yet, but I'm sure it will get some good use in the future.
 And the blocks...we actually ended up buying 2 sets because I found one last minute for $30 and I am really glad I did.  We built Noah's Ark yesterday and used all of them.  The boys also used them to make a maze for their hexbugs (a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Larson) and that was so fun. 

It all made for an amazing Christmas morning...not to mention a very peaceful environement upstairs while Austin is napping.  I love it, love it.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed!!
    So did you draw the fabulous trees on the wall?
    Also, how did you keep this room secret until Christmas morning? Or did you mean that you just added the new things like the horse?

  2. This is great! Well done! I love the trees!

  3. I painted the trees on the wall about a year ago, but before it ever really became a playroom, we made it into a bedroom for my sisters. It was all a surprise. Up until about 3 weeks ago this room was a mess of clutter. Kev and I started working on it at night and we just didn't let the boys go down to the basement. Jack snuck down on Christmas eve when I was down wrapping presents (he didn't know I was there) He saw the swing, sadly, but that was all. We hadn't picked up the horse yet and it didn't all come together until about 12:30 on Christmas morning. I was worried I'd have the baby early and we wouldn't finish in time=)

  4. It looks amazing! How fun for the kids! You guys did a good job. That swing looks like it would be the toy of the year!

  5. SO COOL! What a fun Christmas. Good luck in the next few weeks.

  6. That swing is AWESOME!!! I'm so glad I didn't read your blog with T today- I'd have a seriously envious 3yr old in my lap if I had! Love the trees too. We have been cooking up a storm in our house too...too bad he'll only eat the pretend veggies! Great job Mom and Dad!

  7. The playroom turned out amazing! You guys did a fantastic job and I'm certain the boys just LOVE it! Best of luck to you in these final weeks of your pregnancy:)

  8. Super fun! "The gift that keeps on giving"!

  9. AMAZING. I love the wall trees...painted or stickers? I'm sure this will make the winter a lot easier--and hopefully the tail end of your pregnancy! I'm very excited for you!

  10. It looks amazing! (I'm so jealous)

  11. I love the play room, Natalie! What a fabulous environment for your cute boys to have! We're going to have and unfinished basement when we build...perhaps I'll show my hubby this post and copy some of your great ideas!

    Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. I'm excited to hear when he comes and see pics!


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