thoughts about christmas...

With the baby coming a few weeks after Christmas, I'm afraid we'll be even more home bound than ever for the rest of the winter, and my rough and tumble boys need a place to climb and jump and swing and build and play. I need a place to send them when they begin getting crazy, as little boys do.

So, our thoughts for the playroom are getting exciting.  Here are our rough plans: 
We have an old tall table that we're using as a platform for a play structure.  We're attaching another tabletop to the side as a slide with our love sack at the bottom.  We did this last time the room was used as a playroom, and the boys loved it.  They jumped off the table onto the lovesack.  We're attaching one of these to the wall to make it more adventurous:

We're refinishing an old wooden kitchen set we found at a yard sale over the summer.  We're going to a thrift store to pick up pots and pans, utensils, etc...we're not buying much fake food.  The boys don't really play with it and it gets all over the place.

We are splurging on this set of blocks:

We're excited to attempt building a swing like this:
only with more padding, I think.

We have a train table and set that has been unused for months because we haven't had a good place to put it.  I'm exited to get it out again so they'll have a good place not only for trains but the blocks too.

I'm making capes for each of them and putting together a dress-up box that we'll store under the table. 

We have a TV/VCR combo and lots of disney movies, so we're making a soft place under the stairs for quiet time. 

I'm getting a few new dinosaurs for Tays (all he has asked for is a triceratops), still searching for just the right little things for the other boys.  We'll move all of their current toys down there too. I'm feeling really excited about everything...hopefully we can get it all done in time=)


  1. I'm so excited. So, so, so excited! All this is a great idea, and very creative! I am really looking forward to pictures.

  2. Your design and ideas sound WONDERFUL!!! Where will this be? Basement? I wish we had the space to do this somewhere in our house for our boys. We have a large basement, but oh the work it would need beforehand!

    Good luck with your project! Your boys are going to LOVE it:) I'm excited for them!!!

  3. Way to think ahead for the rest of the winter. I bet your boys will love the space. We hung a swing from Ikea in our basement last year, and it has been a big hit!

  4. So cool! My kids would love a room like that. Are you looking at padded walls too? =)

  5. ha ha! If there were a simple way to do it, we just might, christina=)

    Yes, this is in our basement. There are two rooms that are finished down there, but I use that term loosely=)

  6. how exciting!!! it looks like a ton of fun! are you going to attach curtains under the table for a fort? or is that just asking for trouble?? ;) Can't wait to see pictures of your boys having a blast down there!

  7. WOW!!! That is going to be so much fun. Where are you getting your blocks? My Mom just ordered us a large set from Costco- I think $80 or $90. That's the best price I found.

  8. We were going to order them online from the magic cabin, but that was going to be a huge splurge at $160 for the set. I really wanted the larger sized blocks because we have a box of smaller ones that they love, but my mom really recommended this specific set, saying she wished that she had bought it when her kids were little. "they just like big blocks, and play with them a lot more... It's an investment really," that's what she said=) She's ver convincing...but that is a lot of money. But I found an almost identical set at The Red Balloon (by Walmart) for $80. After looking online, I knew I'd be hard pressed to find a better price for the size and quality, especially when you tack on shipping. So, that's our block story=) That Costco set looks like a lot of fun too!

  9. Good to know about the Red Balloon- I am wanting to get a second set for Ben's birthday. One set isn't enough for four Littles.

  10. LOVE YOUR PLANS!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  11. You inspire me! We really need to finish our playroom. It's been 6 months of "kind of" working on it. I am very excited to see your finished room. xoxox


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