haul out the holly...

It appears that today will be the day that we decorate the house for Christmas. Kevin lugged up the tree and the boxes before he left for work.  After a long night, I'm SO tired, but the boys are so excited and have already unloaded all of the boxes, hanging stockings from light switches and doorknobs and grouping santas with sheep and wisemen, Mary with reindeer, on tables throughout the house.  They strung beads all over our bathroom (from the towel hanger, to the toilet paper holder, up over the shower rod, and round and round again) and hung ornaments on the faucet and toilet flusher.  It is all very exciting.  Even though I'm stuggling to keep my eyes open, I can't help but catch the Christmas spirit.

I still have this picture...and can't decide what to do with it.  Even I can't look at it now without feeling a little uneasy about santa.


  1. Oh I so want to see pictures of the boys' decor! I've never seen beads strung over the faucet and toilet flusher!

  2. haha-how fun! So wonderful that they are really into it- makes it hard to be a bah-hum-bug with such excited little boys around! Chase keeps trying to decorate the bottom of the tree with anything he finds on the floor...toys, hair brush, sippy cup, dog leash, tupperware. I was amazed that he already knew what to do; I mean he was only 3mo old last xmas-who told him we put things on the tree???
    I can't wait to see your tree and decorations, I'm sure I'll get lots of good ideas :) Maybe you could add some glitter accents to your Santa picture and completely cover his cannibal pocket contents... such imaginations on those boys! Hopefully Tays has forgotten all about that by now


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