the talented Nelson sisters...

I'm pretty much devoid of any real talent.  It wasn't for lack of effort on the part of my mother.  Over the years I took lessons of many sorts, participated in a few different sports, and was in many choirs.  But, I emerged from high school without much to show for any of it.  Fortunately, I still managed to find a man who would marry such a woman and found my real talent in my ability to have lots of babies.  Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, I feel the most average of any of my siblings.  I mean, we've all got our strengths and don't worry, I'm not really insecure about the fact that mine are less obvious than everyone else's.   

Today I'd like to highlight Mikelle and Kristen, just to prove my point.

Kristen_Nelson-I'll stop.mp3

 See what I mean?  Amazing.

And Mikelle brought her portfolio up on Monday so we could photograph it for her application to the illustration program at BYU...here is just a small sample:

And just when envy or insecurity starts to creep in, as it does from time to time when I'm subjected to such gaudy displays of pure creativity and talent that are far beyond my own abilities, my self-preserving mind will whisper "Oh yeah? well...so what... look what you made":
(a grubby ornery little boy...times 4)
and I sortof feel better.


  1. That is just funny!!! Yes, having babies IS pure talent, plus the finesse to raise them all to be such great little humans! I cannot believe how much Austin has changed over the last few months. He really is a toddler, and not a baby, huh? His face shape has changed, and he resembles Taylor, I think.

  2. Yes, Austin has been reminding me of Taylor more and more. And he is certainly a toddler, thinking he's one of the big boys now. I get this look from him pretty often these days. What happened to my cheerful, easy-going baby?

  3. All the Nelson girls are talented and beautiful!

  4. By the way, I think you put the second song up twice. I'd love to hear her song, "Paris." Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks brynn, it should work now=) If not...let me know.

  6. yes I'd have to agree- you are all talented and beautiful! I loved the songs-wish I knew someone to pass them along to so she'd sing more, love love love the painting- really I want to hang it in my house and I'd lose hours just staring into it, and of course I love your sweet stubborn boys ;) raising so many good boys so close in age is talent, but I think your talent is your writing- I love your wit and "realness" and you are one great story teller. That is a talent I wish I had, seriously. One of my cousins has it and she can just make you feel alive, like you were right there in the story. Don't sell yourself short!

  7. Loved listening to the songs and seeing the artwork, but I'm with you; your creation is pretty awesome!

  8. I'd have to agree, The Nelson girls have it all!! I also have to agree with your friend that you are an amazing writer. Reminds me very much of another Nelson I love so much...YOUR MOM!! You are awesome.


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