fresh air

Some good weather yesterday left my boys unable to resist the outdoors.  After months of almost constant home confinement, I'd all but forgotten what we were missing.  The boys ran up and down the sidewalk,  laughing at the simple pleasure of it, filling their lungs with the fresh air.

And before long (because they're boys) they turned their attention to the dirt and collected seven worms and one centipede.  They also dug up the dafodils that were waiting just below the surface, but buried them back up when I told them what they were.  Jack had thought they were beans.  Tays thought they were worms.  They played for hours.

It's almost March!  This winter has flown by for me, though I've lived in Utah long enough to know how fickle the weather can be.  I think we got snow in May last year...but we'll take the warm days as they come.  I can't wait for they day when we can pull out the sandals again.

Yesterday we went to the library and each boy picked out a book. Kevin read them all last night as I was feeding Adam.  It's not an easy task to read to four boys at once.  When I do it, it seems one is always complaining about not being able to see the pictures but Kev managed to keep everyone happy.

great dad.  nice little boys.  good day.


  1. Nothing like sunshine...I bet the boys slept good last night too. It was fun seeing how much they have all grown, and I also enjoyed seeing your neighborhood.

  2. Austin is just so big. He doesn't look like that same little baby in the sidebar picture. Really, it is just crazy that I made bloggy friends with you when he was so little, and now there's another little one! Time just goes by, doesn't it?

  3. I am looooonging to get outside with our clan. We just got hit with more snow and from what I understand more is on the way. *sigh* Glad your crew was able to get out sans winter gear...looks like they truly enjoyed themselves!!!


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