Photo Update

 These are from when my mom was here.  She entertained the boys forever by finding various sounds on the computer.  Often the sound wouldn't be quite what they expected, and that made for roars of laughter.  Such a good grandma...she certainly knows what makes little boys happy.
Adam loves baths.  LOVES them.  And Kevin will always put a towel in the dryer so it will be warm when it's time to get him.  We joked last night that the worst times Adam has had to endure are the split seconds between bath and towel.  It's a hard-knock life, isn't it, Adam?

Adam, week 1:

(my camera was out of battery for week 2)

Adam week 3:

Taylor loves babies. 
In a very hands-on,
face to face,
can't get enough,
sincere sort of way.

And finally, I've saved the best for last.
My amazing friend Brynn made these little overalls for Adam:
I love them! 
They do make Adam look more grown up, and I'm not sure how I feel about that...he needs to stay little.
But what a gift!  Thank you so much Brynn.  You are so wonderful.


  1. Wow, he is SO cute! And I love those overalls!

  2. Oh, my goodness...such cuteness for one post! That last photo...oh, his hair!!! So soft and spikey. It reminds me of Ryder's hair. Love it!!!

  3. What a ton of gorgeous hair! He is an absolute doll baby. In the last picture I can see Jack in him.

  4. Love the overalls. You can definitely tell he's a Larson! So cute!

  5. Nats,

    You're the best! I love how you are with those 5 boys, our grandsons. I can't wait to meet little Adam in person. You're in the midst of a great work and growing by leaps and bounds. Love you so! Dad.

  6. He is so cute!!!!!!! Seriously, what a handsome little guy. How did you get five boys that all look different but are all so cute. Nice work!

  7. So fun! And loved your previous posts. I think you are the coolest! Five boys, five-and-a-half and under sounds incredibly fun (though I'm sure at times stressful).

    Maybe when you finally have time to change your blog title to five, your brain will be able to register it. :)

    And having to count kids is my favorite childhood dream. One time when I was a teenager my family babysat my cousins and another family, so there were twelve of us in all. I made everyone count off periodically. I felt like the Von Trapps. I always wanted a family big enough I had to count. Still do.

  8. Oh Taylor and Adam are so adorable! You know it's funny; Jack was blessed to have you all to himself, but the next brother is doubly blessed to have you and a big brother to love him and so on. Adam is certainly one very blessed little man who is obviously being cherished!

  9. Adam is so cute! And his hair is so adorable I can barely stand

  10. Love his hair! Melts my heart. You make very handsome mini ones!!


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