smiling and huddling

Kevin and I have been all smiles since Adam's birth.  We've been smiling at eachother more these past few weeks than ever before.  I don't think we smiled this much even when we were dating or as newlyweds (not that we weren't happy, mind you).  It's funny, because although we're thrilled about Adam, I think we both know that's not why we're so outwardly chipper.  We've never actually discussed this, so I can't be sure where he's coming from, but here's my theory:
We smile because we're determined to be happy right now.

We wake up from a long night.  We both know perfectly well that we're exhausted.  We both know perfectly well that a long day awaits us (we both know perfectly well that my long day will most likely be harder than his), and what is there to do?  If I smile, he smiles.  If he smiles, I smile.  It's like an unspoken law around here.  It seems natural to complain, but what's the point? 

After Austin was born, life was not easy.  I don't mean to imply that we were unhappy or that it was a bleak time at all.  It was just a hard adjustment.  Not because it was Austin, he has always been wonderful, but because it was our fourth and we reached a new level of chaos.  It took some time to adjust and feel in control of life again.  In gearing up for Adam's birth, neither of us knew how another addition would impact the delicate balance of family happiness.  Of course we were excited, but there were many unknown factors (how each of the boys would respond, how my recovery would go, how busy work would be for Kevin, the temperament of the baby, what sleep would be like, if (when) illnesses would hit this winter...).  So I think we, in an effort to deal well with whatever may come, put on grins as soon as Adam came with a determination to keep them there no matter what.  And things are better that we could have hoped for.  Really.  This adjustment to five has been the easiest transition so far.  Adam is sweet (and SO cute), the boys all love him, Kev is busy with work, but in a good way, I'm recovering just fine, sleep isn't great but we never really expected it to be, and aside from runny/stuffy noses, we've all stayed healthy so far (knock on wood). 

Also, I no longer feel guilty for all that is not getting done in my life, which has really put a damper on my mood in the past.  One great thing about having my fifth child is that I know the cycle really well.  I know what to expect of myself and when to expect it.  I've learned what works for me and how to make that work out in the best interest of my family.  Right now we're in the huddle phase.  Much of my time is spent sitting on the couch with my baby and the boys huddle around me.  Soon, Adam will nap better and I'll feel better and we'll be in the "get back to normal" phase.  But until then, I take advantage of whatever the day brings.  If I have more energy and Adam sleeps, I'll clean the kitchen top to bottom, and if I'm dead tired or Adam is more needy, I just try be a nice mom and make sure the boys don't starve to death.  Kevin is supportive of me, understanding and helpful.  And so far, we've all managed to remain happy. 

To my left:
To my right:
In my arms:
on TV:
Huddle time at it's finest.


  1. YOU are an AMAZING woman Miss momma of five!
    Your insight shows wisdom and I can feel your peace as I read your words...thank you so much for your inspiring perspective...once again.

  2. I wish all young moms "got it" like you do.
    Huddle time is perfect time.

    Like I was trying to teach my YW last Sunday...actions precede the feelings. I use to think it worked the other way around. I explained to them how it's taken me years and years to figure out that if I smile and act happy I will feel happy. You and Kevin are so cute.

  3. That is just so dang cute. I love the terminoligy: huddle time. You and the boys are all in it together, like a little team with a game plan. Love you guys.

  4. Well said. Again.

    Too bad we don't live in the same neighborhood, then we could occasionally sit on couches with our babes in arms and chat while we rested/nursed/huddled.

  5. You've got a great perspective! Hang in there.

  6. gotta love Little Bear ;) Glad to hear everything is going so well for your sweet family!

  7. I am glad that all is adjusting well. I want to come to huddle time!

  8. I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite.

    And Little Bear is a favorite around here as well, to watch or play pretend. It is the perfect show for my Maggie. No conflict and very little plot. Just happiness. That's what we like. :)


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