do I just wave the white flag now?

So, you know how sometimes life just gets out of control?  We had one such moment this morning.  I was feeding Adam and the boys were playing in the other room.  Upon finishing up, I realized the things my boys were saying indicated that I may be in for a mess.  Words like "oh, that's gross!" and "let's put some of this in!" were coming from the kitchen.  I could pretty much predict what I was going to find:

 "poison drinks for bad guys." 
The three older boys have taken to creating gross little concoctions (using in this case old bread, water, salt, pepper, cereal, and dish soap) and though I've said NEVER AGAIN twice before, the message obviously isn't getting through to them.  I put the cups on the counter, then heard Austin calling for me from upstairs.  I ignored the messy floor and headed up.

I found Austin covered in Kevin's new hair stuff.  He pointed to show me what he had done: covered the floor and vacuum in the stuff as well.  great.

 I took him downstairs and started a bath.  Noah wanted a bath too, because his hands and feet were covered in salt.  I got them in, then went to Adam who was fussing.  He's had a blow out.  At least I already had a bath ready.  I quickly bathed him and took him out to get him dressed again.  Austin followed, though I had not yet washed him off and was telling him to return to the bath.  Instead he wet on the floor and continued to follow.  Trying to focus on one thing at a time, I decided to just dress Adam, then corral Austin back to the bath. 

A minute later I heard Jack say, "Taylor, come on, we're decorating Austin!"  Oh boy...
I turned the corner to find this: (sorry about lack of clothes.  Like I said, they were supposed to be in the bath)
ha ha ha!  It's going to be one of those days... 

at least I can count on Adam staying where I put him:)

Any ideas about the best way to get that junk out of my carpet??


  1. Wow. That button-head is awesome! It's like he's some kind of doll that you get to accessorize.
    Hmmm, I'd say wave the white flag, and (shhhh...) turn on the t.v. for an hour or four.

  2. Is that glue holding those buttons on!? Oh boy... I'm sorry, your day is both overwhelming me and cracking me up!!! Thanks for documenting it so we can laughing with you. :) Good luck!!

    I agree with the previous commenter, sit them in front of the tv for an hour. :)

  3. not glue...it was the hair putty stuff that I hadn't yet been able to wash off of his head=)

  4. I just died laughing. I think this is the most real blog post I have ever, ever read.

    They are going to love these pictures when they have their own kids!

  5. I have had days like that-- not so much anymore now that my kids are older and tattle on each other. Your house pictures inspired me to take pictures of my house which were way worse than yours-- anyway it also prompted me to have my kids help clean today-- they are older now and actually helped and the house now looks about how yours looks in those pictures-- and that's clean for me! so thanks for the inspiration and for the laughs.

  6. This is a priceless post, Natalie. I love it. I really do. That little button head is the best. But I feel sorry for you!

  7. Kayli cracks me up..."turn on the TV for an hour or four." :))))))

  8. Yes, yes. The buttonhead is the best picture ever! Adam is so dang cute.

  9. besides the (gigantic) mess they made of your house and each other...your boys are playing with each other!!! I'm so jealous! hopefully, my two will get there soon :) messes and all!
    we've had great luck with any kind of oxy carpet cleaner spray and with folex. you have to buy that last one at home depot/lowes but it works awesome for spots. except of course if your house is like mine, then the clean spot shows up more than the spot you were getting rid of...

  10. i just found your blog from christina's and LOVE it! It is so REAL - thanks for keeping it real. Your boys are so clever and creative - it's amazing seeing them learn and create. Did you get the jel out yet? Use a paper towel to get out as much as you can, then warm water. Since it's a hair product, it will break down with water. It will take several passes. If it dries still with a finish, keep going at it with water. Folex might take the color out of your carpet so be careful with it.


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