the good

All is not chaos and disaster at my house, just in case I've given the wrong impression lately:)  Most days I get more than my fair share of the really good things life has to offer.

Like down comforters, playdough, and darling little boys who generally love eachother.

There are hard days, and sometimes it seems easier to post about those because it provides for me a sort of camaraderie, a support group, someone else who will laugh with me about it.

When I post the good, I worry a little about sounding unreal, like all is well in my world.  The truth is, sometimes all is well in my world, if only to me. I love my life way more often than I don't.  Even on messy days, the mess doesn't really overshadow all that is going well.  I probably cut myself too much slack in that department.  Occasionally I'll have a "perfect storm day" where lack of sleep, cranky boys, naughtiness, and messiness all combine to make me feel like calling it quits before the end of the day.  Add in an illness and I'm ready to call it quits before I even start:)  But those really are rare.
 Most days are good.  Many are really good*. 

*disclaimer:When I write about the good, please assume that you can add in an unmentioned messy kitchen, mud smeared all over my sliding glass door, 3 fights, and one really needy child to the mix and probably be right on the money.  When I write about the bad, assume you can add 60 minutes of relative peace for every one minute of chaos and you'd probably have an accurate picture.  In either scenario, you can assume I'm in my pajamas or sweats unless I specifically mention leaving the house.


  1. I feel the same way about my life. Despite the chaos, I love taking care of my family. When I first starting blogging I spent more time on the negative to be funny. But now I really like to emphasize the positive, especially since my blog is my family's history

  2. Natalie, I can completely relate!!! I had to laugh at your pj/sweats comment... so me!!!! Have a wonderful day:)

  3. You are in good company. My house was a match for yours in the pics the other day, and I would never get out of my sweats unless I knew for sure someone was coming over or we were going somewhere. I feel less productive in jeans....too uncomfortable. You are amazing Nats, and your boys are so cute. They are so lucky to have you. And there is a time and a season to everything. Living in a sleep deprived state it is hard to keep a house clean. I know the contrast when I get a little more sleep I feel so much more motivated. I feel like meeting the needs of my kids is more vital than a spotless house and when energy is in short supply you have to pick and choose. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The disclaimer was so funny. "Unless I specifically mention leaving the house." You are hilarious.

  5. Chaos and disaster and joy and happiness are all intertwined...especially when raising children. Can't have one without the other...unless you put them all in daycare, but then you wouldn't get as much of the joy and happiness.

    Love the real life of your blog. :)

  6. Adam looks like Taylor. I LOVE that last picture!

  7. Hey Natalie, I just wondered if your mom was going to ever post on her blog again - asking jane? I've really missed it. I found you through one of the comments on her blog. Thanks!


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