Today we pulled the jumperoo up from the basement, to the delight of all the boys. They laughed at the sight of Adam "standing" and Adam seemed to enjoy it, though I think it was slightly overwhelming for him.

have a great weekend!

ps. mom, look!  he sucks the same fingers I did...cute!


  1. Adam has his very own cheering team!

  2. Hilarious!! I'd be mighty intimidated too if everyone was staring at me! At least he won't get stage fright later in life, every moment is performed in front of a crowd :)
    and ps- I sucked the same fingers and my mom said it was so sweet because I was constantly giving her the "I Love You" sign! I love your little posse of boys!!!

  3. Seeing all your boys together in one picture makes me feel awe. What a miracle you have in your very own home.

  4. I agree with Sara...five boys! It's amazing!


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