In church yesterday, a woman I admire made a comment that I can't stop thinking about.  She  something like: "you know how some people are said to leave a wake of disaster wherever they go?  Well, I think there are other people who leave a wake of goodness, and I want to be like that."  To this I say "me too!"  I feel like I am surrounded by such people, those who look for the good in others and make them feel loved and happy, who jump at the opportunity to serve.  I want to be such a person too.   I'll be working on that, so if I'm ever snotty to any of you, please remind me of this post, will you? 

We had our Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  In keeping with Nelson tradition, we did it the weekend after Easter.  This means we get to focus on the Savior on the real Easter, and get candy at a discounted price for the hunt.  It works out well.  We didn't get any pictures of the actual hunt, which we had to do indoors this year due to the weather.  But here are the boys right after, showing off their...Halloween buckets...full of Easter loot.
(and if you happen to notice the condition of Taylor's pajama pants, just pretend that's how they're supposed to look, alright?)

Jack has determined that the trumpet is his favorite instrument and wants a real one. When Gavin was over yesterday he told us he had played in high school, and somehow the boys took that and ran with it. Before we knew it, Gavin was leading the boys in a band, nice man:
they all took it very seriously.  The funniest was when we heard Gavin say "it's called the 'think system'..." from the other room, reminding me that it's been far too long since I watched The Music Man.

and last, these pictures were in the mix of my most recently uploaded. 
The boys playing Don't Eat Pete with cheese puffs and broken bits of candy. 

Do all little children love making piles of blankets and cushions? I think I have yet to meet one who doesn't.


  1. Ha ha- I did notice his pajama pants, and I was thinking to myself that although my kids pajama pants are pretty worn, I didn't think any of them were QUITE there yet~ then you mentioned them. :)

    The think system. Awesome.

    I too think that is a good thought- a wake of goodness.

  2. If I were a young mom starting over, I would adopt the way you celebrate the Easter bunny a week later!

    Love Taylor's pants. Another great thing about boys...they are great with the rugged look.

  3. We have celebrated the easter Bunny a week late for years. But this year my husband decided we were too weird and wanted to be like everyone else. (Too late really. We have 8 kids;>). I will have to show him this post so he knows we are not the only oddballs out there.

  4. It warms my heart to see them playing with each other like that. In my family and extended family, blanket huts or forts are called "hubbas," becaue my little cousin couldn't say "hut." Now, it basically just means a cozy place with blanket and pillows to snuggle.

    That same cousin is now almost 24.

  5. I LOVE that idea! We'll be the odd balls in the neighborhood with you!! :)

    Love your blog!

  6. So, someone in our ward told me about your blog! Can I just say I love ya?!


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