a little talk with Adam

there's an odd sort of quiet going on in my home right now...especially for this hour.  Austin is sleeping in his crib, taking an extra long nap.  Noah is asleep on the couch, having refused his own bed two hours ago and conking out while watching the berenstain bears.  Taylor is asleep in my bed, sick, sick, sick with a fever and mouth sores.  Jack is in the backyard, trying to woo Mr. Goose into going along with some sort of fort idea.  Adam is beside me, sucking on his little fingers and giving me an enthusiastic little dialogue each time I glance his way.


yes, it's low quality and it's a little quiet, but you get the idea. =) 

normally this time of day is really hectic, and on a day when kevin is working later than usual, this is a much needed change of pace. 

now, if I can just get dinner made before things get crazy again...


  1. Those are some of the most beautiful cooing noises I've ever heard come from a baby!

  2. What an adorable little talker. He has so much to tell you!!


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