The most important lesson I learned from my mother is...

I feel like the one that impacts my life the most right now is that children are really enjoyable.  She taught me to love my babies and appreciate this phase of life when I'm surrounded by little ones.  She taught this to me in simple ways and small doses as I was growing up, and has been my expert mentor since I joined the ranks of motherhood myself. I love to call her and share little things my boys have said or done.  We'll laugh at the days that go horribly wrong.  She'll encourage me and joy over my little successes.  She taught by example how to be the driving force for togetherness and fun in my little family.  She reminds me that this role that seems a little menial at times is my greatest work, that it is sacred, that it is what this life is really all about.  She tells me often of the things I'm doing right, especially when I feel discouraged.  She taught me by word and deed to see the my children in the best light, allowing me to love this life of mine day after day.  Most of the happiness I find in my life, the simple joys found in the trenches of motherhood, I learned from my mother. 

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.  We'll be blessing Adam. 
 It seems like an appropriate way to celebrate the day=)


  1. I could have written the same thing about my mother. But I didn't realize at the time that all moms don't teach this. So many young moms can't get the tapes out of their heads that being a mom of young children is so hard and so lonely. That can't see beyond that. If they had only had the example you had, and the example I had, they would be appreciating motherhood so much more.

    Those 2 pictures are priceless. Oh my.

  2. First those photos...oh, those photos!!! Priceless. Such a beautiful post and so true! Have a great Mother's Day and I hope Adam's Blessing goes wonderfully!

  3. I meant to tell you congratulations at church today- Adam is so darling and the blessing was lovely.

  4. That is so beautiful, Natalie. Thank you so much for sharing. That is YOU when you were little? Which sibling is in your picture?

  5. It's my brother Taylor, wasn't he such a beautiful baby?


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