Adam's Blessing

Kevin blessed Adam in church last Sunday, making him officially
Adam Peter Larson
He was perfect and made not a peep while in the hands of his father, uncles, grandfather, and friends.
The blessing was beautiful and I scribbled down as much as I could.  I asked Kevin later in the day if he had any particularly strong impressions about this little boy during the blessing.  He said he felt strongly that Adam will be an example and will be a force in bringing others to Christ.  He does have a unique spirit and I feel very blessed to be his mama and have the opportunity to watch his life unfold.  No doubt he will be amazing.  I wish we'd been able to get pictures with everyone.  It was a wonderfully busy Mother's day.
with aunt Kristen
with Abbie
with Aunt Mikelle
looking a little nervous with Abbie, Mitchell, Mikelle, Gavin, Kristen
with Grandpa Larson
with Grandma Larson
with me and Kevin...worn out after a long day.
I love my little Adam.  He is really such a sweet, sweet baby.  He's 4 months old now and oh, how time flies!  I can hardly stand it.  If I think about it late at night, how fleeting these days are, I just about cry. (I blame that part on sleep deprivation.)  But I love these little boys who are mine, all mine, and with Jack going to school this fall, the end is in sight.  The days of selfishly hoarding their days are about to come to an end and I'll have to share them with the world for way too many hours everyday. 
This morning Kev and I "tossed" Adam back and forth saying "ready, setty, woo!" This is a game we've played with all of our boys and Adam loved it. He even laughed, and he's not much of a laugher. My little baby, already big enough to enjoy ready, setty, woo...too fast! His chubby thighs just about kill me and I squish them at least 75 times a day. He doesn't love to be tickled and lets out a combination of squeels and wails when I try it.

It is raining here and the boys are begging me to let them go out and "splish and splash" aka play in puddles, then put things in the gutter, and ultimately end up swimming in the gutter themselves.  I've seen how this goes down many times before=) 

have a good rainy day.  we're hoping for some thunder.


  1. Oh! His hair is lightening! He IS a squishable baby, and getting to be a good-lookin' little chunk!

  2. You can tell by the photos just how loved your Adam is...just beautiful!!! Enjoy your afternoon playing in the puddles!

  3. Awww- so sweet! For goodness sakes he looks so grown up just chillin in that circle chair!
    And I love that rain gutter post too.

  4. What a sweet little guy!!! He is so adorable and he's turned blonde now!! I know how you feel...I cannot believe how fast time is going with Baylie!!!

  5. He looks just like you! What a special day!

  6. oh my goodness he's so cute - and his hair is getting so much blonder

  7. I have a little award for over at my blog.

  8. What a handsome little guy! Love that you were able to get a picture of just him and you and Kevin (and it was cute that he was sleeping sweetly at the time).

    Can't believe he is already four months. I always hate how fast the first year goes. (Actually the second and third too. Does it just keep speeding up?)

    I think I never commented a few times I meant to. I am so excited for your sister getting married. I wish we lived near you too, not so I could teach you to garden (that's all my husband :) ), but because you just are so nice and cool and I relate to so many of the thoughts you share. I am sure you are one of those wave of goodness people. I have met several people in my life that are definitely in that vein and it is my goal to create a wave of goodness family. So I loved that thought.

    Also, your boys are really cute. You are good at recording a lot of their cuteness in the moment. I need to do better with that.


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