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I have sort of dropped off blogland lately.  All is well, just full of other things.  But I had a spare minute today and caught up on some reading, and I wanted to share a post with you.

I've never met Lori, she is a friend of friends, but she fast became one of my heros.  Her husband has brain cancer and recently took a turn for the worse.  This beautiful post amazes me.  All of her posts amaze me. She amazes me. 

She is full of faith and truth and all that is real in this life. Maybe someday we'll meet, I hope so.  But until then, I'll keep learning from her inspiring example. 


  1. Sorry for the belated comment on Adam's blessing. I tried to comment long ago, but it wasn't allowing me too. I finally figured out my problem was my web browser. I had saved my comment since it was e-mail length and finally got around to re-posting it.

  2. Well... I just read her whole blog. And my eyes are puffy and throat sore from crying. What an inspirational wonderful person but what a sad sad situation. I cant imagine being in that position but I would hope I would handle it with the grace she did.



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