adam finds his tongue

I broke my camera a few weeks ago.  It was in my stroller, which was folded in the back of our van.  Forgetting it was there, I pulled my stroller out and just dropped it onto our driveway, because I had Adam in my other arm and its was a little heavy.  When I opened up the stroller and found my camera, the screen was black with a few multi-colored streaks across it.  It still works, I just can't see the pictures until I upload them.  This created a problem today because I took a bunch of pictures on an unknown setting without realizing it. I switched it and got a few on auto before the moment passed. When I uploaded them, they were just black.  I lightened them up and found these.  Adam is really into his tongue lately and I think it's probably the cutest tongue ever.

also on this upload, I found these two pictures from the few days before Marlee's wedding:
{the girls}
 {the boys}
{the end}


  1. Oh Adam looks irresistible! How do you keep from kissing him all day long?

  2. ha ha! I don't resist. I do kiss him all day long, pretty much.=)

  3. So sorry about your camera! I am good at dumb accidents too. :(

    And how come no one told me before I had kids how much heavy paraphernalia I would have to lug around? The stuff weighs a lot more than the kid.

    But glad you can still take pics. Adam has a cute tongue. And congrats to your sis! :)


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