the reason I was gone

Some little hands, while trying to plug the charger into my computer, pushed hard at the wrong angle, shoving the part that connects to the charger too deep into the computer. 

Time passed and I was sick of waiting so I tore the computer apart in an effort to fix it, but I couldn't get to the part easily, so I put it back together.

Time passed and we eventually remembered to take it in and find out how much it would cost to get it fixed.  It was $100, which is almost as much as we paid for the computer in the first place, so we decided to try again ourselves.

Time passed and finally tonight we found the right combination of motivation and circumstance.  We tore it apart again (literally, I did tear a part) and with a little help from a fork, a bobby pin and gorilla glue, we're back in business.

Much has happened in my absence.  Most significantly, Kristen married Gavin!  And then Jack starts school this week.  And also my mom spent a heavenly week here.  And I highlighted my hair.  All items deserving a post of their own, with so many more potential posts in the little daily details that have filled up our summer.  The break has been good, but I am sad at what will be forgotten.  

I'm back, and about to start a new chapter in my life, in which our little gang no longer spends every waking moment all together.  Jack will be gone for 3 hours a day, and I think it will be good.  He went to his assessment yesterday.  We said a prayer in the van before he went in so he wouldn't be so nervous.  He did great, cutting out a circle with the greatest of care, writing his name with a backwards J, counting to 30 and beyond, quietly answering "wuh" when asked what a "W" says, and so on.  When asked how many squares there were all together, he sat, saying nothing, looking at them.  I knew he was counting in his head, but his sweet teacher said "can you count them?  One...two..)  He said "I am." sat for a moment more and then said "seven."   Right.  I was supposed to be filling out forms, but I was just watching, adoring that little boy.  I love him, and he'll do great.

So, here we go again.  I'll try not to overload you.

PS Also, I wanted to share this picture from Marlee's wedding, because I love it. If you want to see more, you can go here.  I loved her photographer, he did such a great job.


  1. Ohmygoodness Natalie, your heart must just burst with pride when you look at that picture! I love it so much I feel like putting it on MY blog :) Don't worry, I won't.

    Love how Jack said a prayer with you before meeting with his teacher. It will be fun to read about how his first year goes.

  2. Welcome back!!!! I hope Jack has a great year in school! That family photo...ummm...beautiful. Your sister's wedding photos are gorgeous!!!!


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