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With a week of school under his belt, I think I can say that Jack loves kindergarten.
 I admit, I've been worried about this adjustment.  I worried about breaking up the gang, of working out the schedule, of loading up all of the boys everyday to go pick him up.  I've cringed at the thought that his sensitive little heart might get trampled on, that he would be miserable or misunderstood.  But all of my worries have been for naught and this transition has proven to be a very positive one.  He enjoys his time away, learns new songs, does little projects, plays with new friends at recess.  He hasn't gotten a single warning for behavior, though I tell him  every day  that it's alright if he does sometime.  I joke that I want him to get a warning, because I know it's important to him to please others and I worry he'll have an emotional melt down if his is one day reprimanded.  I worry about a lot of things, but he's doing just fine.  It is hard to not know every detail of his life anymore, but it helps that he seems ready and happy.  He gets tired of me asking him question after question about the ins and outs of his three hour absence, but I just want to know!  From what I can tell, he is quiet and attentive in class, friendly but a little shy with his classmates, happy to be learning new things. 
And I've enjoyed the little structure this provides.  Now I'm up by seven every day, making a hearty breakfast.  Kevin takes Jack to school before eight and while the youngest two sleep, I try to get a little workout in (30 day shred, anyone?).  Jack is only in school for three hours, so I try to be productive around the house with the eleven o'clock pick up as my deadline.  And because we're leaving the house (even if it is just to get in the car, pick up Jack and return) we all get dressed every morning.  Taylor and Noah have found each other as playmates, and that wasn't really the case before school started.  It's good for both of them because each of them is stubborn in his own way and I've seem them both compromise often rather than resorting to playing alone.  What about Austin, you ask?  He sleeps in until ten or so every day, crazy boy. 

So life is going well.  Just a few weeks ago I was feeling a little stagnant but dreading the shift, and here I am, all revived and really loving this new chapter.


  1. I've been curious how things have been going with the transition, and I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well with it (especially you! ;)

  2. He is SOOOOO handsome.

    p.s. yeah 30 day shred. I sometimes do it a LOT- like, two days in a row, then I get burnt out and don't do it for another four weeks or so. :)

  3. He looks so much like you in the 2nd picture especially.

    I can so relate to this post. I remember when my first started kindergarten...suddenly our life took form and we had a schedule. It just made the day flow better all the way around. And my son came home happy to see us again.

    I also like what you said about Taylor and Noah discovering a friendship now. I think having the first one gone for a few hours does shift the family dynamics a little...discovering new ways.

    I'm happy for you!

  4. this is so cute! i love this little man so much.


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