bumps and birthmarks

 Adams new found mobility hasn't come without a price:

He fell a few inches face first onto concrete when his brothers left the back door open.Poor little man! 

 But he sortof reminds me of his uncle Eric who has a birthmark on his forehead:

He'd make up stories about how he got it.  I always thought it was a little dashing.  Eric and I are 16 months apart and a grade apart in school. We had all of the same friends during our junior/senior year and I loved it. 

This is Eric now:
surrounded by beautiful girls.

May Adam turn out so lucky=)


  1. He is SO cute, bumps and bruises and all.

  2. When I saw this the other day, I had to do a double take, and I think I ever said out loud, "Is that Natalie's BABY??" He has such an adorable grown up look about him. :)

  3. Haha, way too cute! I think it's a requirement that boys come with bumps and bruises! Fun to see Eric and his beautiful family. Crazy you got all boys so far and he has all girls.... both such cute kids you guys have!


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