saying goodbye

This is a daily ritual at our house and this morning I finally grabbed my camera for it.  When it's time for Kevin and Jack to leave in the morning, any brothers who are awake and can walk "push dad's car" down the driveway, then run along and wave goodbye:
 Austin is usually sleeping, but was happy to join in today.
Noah loves it.
 Taylor is the founder an most loyal participant.

(see Jack waving? and Tays getting some serious air?)

 Adam wishes he could join them:
 but manages to keep a good attitude from the doorway=)

I imagine as the weather worsens, they'll lose their enthusiasm for the tradition, but who knows. 
If you happen to drive by and see my pajama clad, barefooted boys out in the snow, waving their goodbyes, try not to judge.  It's tradition.=)


  1. Such a fun tradition! I love that last picture of Adam.

  2. Look at that beautiful Adam!
    Real life posts are my favorite,so I really enjoyed studying all the pictures. Now I'm hoping you will do a post on Daddy's homecoming someday! Jack's homecoming would be fun to see, also. :)

  3. great pix! so funny, my kids do the same thing!

  4. Haha, what a CUTE tradition! I love it, and I bet your husband does too :) Adorable little boys you have. I hope you're doing well Natatlie... I would really love to see you sometime :)

    Becca JUDY Nelson (just incase :))


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