helping dad

When Austin saw Kev changing the tire on the van yesterday morning, he couldn't get bundled up fast enough.  He had to see what was going on out there!

Kev later told me that Austin was SO cute.  When Kev took off the tire, Austin said "dat's UH-MAY-ZEEN!"  When he pulled the spare out from under the back, he said "dat's AHW-SUM daddy!" 


  1. That's gotta boost a daddy's self-esteem. :) So cute! PS. We'll be in Utah from the 15-30th. Are you guys going to be in town then? We'd love to see you! And also, did you get my blog invite? I went private due to some random weirdo commenting on my blog. It freaked me out. Email me if you need another invite. sarajeannewton @gmail.com

  2. Nat - I love your blog. Such cute kids


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