it was not to be

I've found my urge to write again. 

It's usually after I've had my filll of others' brilliant or menial musings that I find my own fingers itching to come up with something substantial to say about my life.  I either feel that, or I feel like quitting this blog world altogether. 

And here I am, all inspired.  But as fate would have it, the time I spent getting inspired was time my boys spent using stamp pads as stamps themselves all over my kitchen.  Blue and green rectangles helter skelter all over my floor and counter.  Inky-footed boys fill the bathtub.  I hear water spurting and gails of laughter, so I think I'd best not stay and write at the moment.

But I'll be back soon.


  1. Hurray Hurray you're coming back!
    PS Although I think everyone gets how you don't have much writing time these days.


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