on kissing and valentines day

When Jack got in the van today after school, he showed me the little box of chocolates Mia had given him.  Mia is his best friend...and then some, as I learned from our conversation today:

Me: So what did you say when she gave you those chocolates?
Jack: I just hugged her....but sometimes we kiss.
Me:  Really?  Well, we shouldn't kiss people who aren't in our family.
Jack: But I love her so much.  And it isn't long, it's just a quick one like *makes pecking sound* And Nathan told me to kiss her so he could see, but we didn't have time at recess today.
Me: how many times have you kissed her?
Jack: Lots of times, but not today on valentines day.
Me:  When do you kiss her, just at recess? 
Jack: No, mostly in the middle of the day, like at centers.
Me: Does she kiss you, or do you kiss her?
Jack:  I kiss her.
Me:  What does she do? 
Jack:  She starts kissing me a lot.
Me:  What does Mrs. Anderson say?
Jack: She doesn't see us, so she doesn't say anything.  But I only kiss her on the cheek.  Not on the lips.
Me: Alright, but we only kiss people in our family, so no more kissing okay?  Just hugs.
Jack: Okay...but I think I might forget sometimes. 

Ah, the thrill of kindergarten love! I remember kissing tag was one of the highlights of my first grade year.  The boys would chase my friends and me and we'd "run away" but sort of half-heartedly, so we would soon be caught and kissed (on the cheek of course.)

As it turns out, I didn't ever actually kiss anyone until college, and that was a hilarious disaster that I'm a little embarrassed to remember. 

Ah well, here we are, years later, and everything has turned out fine=)  I was at the store with Jack last night, buying treats for his valentines.  I loved how busy it was, with flowers and candy in every cart.  I know there are some who don't like the holiday, but I think its nice.  I have no expectations personally, though I've had some good ones in the past... usually very low key, but nice.  I just like that people think about those they love.  I like being in a store surrounded by people who all have good excuses to buy roses and balloons and greeting cards. I got caught up in it and bought tulips for Jack's teacher and strawberries so I could make Kevin crepes this morning.  And I even bought that aweful strawberry syrup so my boys could have pink milk with their breakfast. they loved it of course. 

I think I may make this for dinner.  It is quick, a little fancy, and so good.  I usually double the cream (sometimes using half and half, or whole milk in a bind) so we'll have extra sauce.  And, yes, my healthy reader, that DOES sound like an awful amound of fat, and it IS.  But the sauce. is. to. die. for.  So, we make this meal about twice a year and never regret it. I make it with mashed potatoes and sop up the sauce with them. At the beginning of this paragraph I wrote that I may make tonight.  After thinking about nothing but this meal for the past few minutes, I don't think I can't make it.  It's that good.

happy valentines day!  I hope it's a little better than your average day, as I expect mine will be=)


  1. I had to read that aloud to Sean! Hilarious!

  2. I love Jack. Can I have a kiss on the cheek?

  3. Oh dear! Thankfully I haven't had to venture into the kissing realm, but I'm sure it's coming :) At least it was for the right reasons, he loves her so much. Cute!

  4. I might be the only one of your readers that remember your first kiss in college! Thanks for the smile, I had forgot about that drama! Oh and it was serious stuff at the time!!! ;) Ohhhh we have come so far from those silly days!
    Jack is a sweetie. Loved the story!


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