Marlee's pink and green baby shower

It was a busy weekend!  I should have taken more pictures, and worked at getting better lighting. But, because it's taking me FOREVER to actually post this, here we go:
The Food:
Wonton Chicken
Strawberry Spinach
And Fresh Garden
Fresh Veggie Cups with Dip
Hard Rolls
 Red Velvet Cake -thank you Brittney!
Mini Lemon Raspberry cupcakes
Button Shortbread Cookies
Aside from many, many other contributions, Kristen made this tree - we had the guests write well-wishes on leaves to stick on.  And Gavin very strategically hung these balloons:
The art supplies were for an alphabet book we made for the baby.  Marlee doesn't like games, so we did this "activity" instead.  Each guest could choose a letter page, draw a letter-appropriate picture, and sign it.  It was so cute!  Idea found here.

And we had such wonderful guests!  I stole some of these pictures from my Aunt Terri, though she managed to stay out of all of the ones I took, as did a few others, sadly.

the guest of honor opening some of the cutest pink things I've ever seen.  I'm not going to lie, I was almost as excited as she was because I'll be getting some darling hand-me downs=)  I mean...right, Marlee?
 Cousins! Marlee, Brooke, Jill, and Destenee
 Mechams (Cathy, Claire, and Abbie there in the back) with Kristen
 Mikelle, Ashley, Brittney
Jill's gorgeous baby Ellie
 wonderful Brittney
 Ashley and Aunt Julie working on their drawings
 Marlee chatting with her prettier-than-life work friends
My cousin Brooke, the example of all things beautiful in motherhood, with Will - the happiest baby ever.
Beautiful Kristen and me.  We both got ready about 30 seconds before the guests arrived =)
I feel like I'm standing funny because Aunt Terri said she wanted to get my pregnant belly.  Well, there it is. 
All in all, SUCH a fun day.  All of my sisters, brothers-in-law, Kevin and Abbie spent hours with me to get it all together, but even that part was fun and maybe even more memorable than the actual event.

And in just a few weeks, I'll have a new niece! 


  1. You are completely and totally my hero. The whole setup is gorgeous! I also like the Alphabet book idea. I think I want to sample each treat at this very moment!

  2. You went all out with 3-4 soups, salads and desserts! Love the way those flowers are arranged. I hope I remember this post the next time I give a baby shower.

  3. Love this! You did such an amazing job!

  4. What an amazing shower!! Seriously, I wish you were my sister. Marlee must feel so loved and spoiled :) Can't wait to virtually meet your new niece too!

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL shower! How fun! Love your little pregnant belly, can't believe you're finally having a girl of your own! So fun :) Love seeing the pics of you and your sisters, all as cute as I remember!


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