happy times

Austin turned 3 on Sunday!  We had some beautiful strawberries and he was eating one.  He declared it to be his "burday fwaberry!" so we took it a step further and added a candle.
 Later, he decorated his cake with Easter candy.  Taylor helped and they had a grand time.  There was a little "lick off the frosting and put it back" going on, but it was only eaten by the boys....and kevin, but he's been a dad long enough to mind too much, right honey?

 Our wonderful Birthday boy!
 It was time to go pick up Jack from school, so I went to find the boys.  I'd been working on school stuff, but I could hear them playing in the garage.  When I went in, here is what I found:
 It's nice that our sleds are getting some use this winter, ha!

 Our swing set has only 2 big swings, and this has been the source of much contention lately. Last night the boys (and I) enthusiastically recruited Kevin to help make another one to go up in place of the baby swing.
They all love it when their dad uses tools to do anything and he is very patient and I think he mostly loves it when they crowd around to see every move he makes and ask him why he's doing this or that. 
 And I can't leave out Adam, my sweet little man.  I have yet to figure out how to cut his hair without butchering it, poor fellow.  But as raggedy as he looks, he sure is loved!

I feel like I am going through one of my most rewarding times ever as a mom.  The boys are all somehow in really great places.  I know that this, like all phases, is temporary but I keep waking up day after day to find that things are still wonderful and I'm breathing it in as deeply as I can.  This may have something to do with being in the 2nd trimester, and coming out of a very mild winter, and having a really great husband.  But whatever the reason, I feel so grateful to be where I am right now.  I've been through some big lows on this journey, and I know I will again, but times like these are here too, and that's worth mentioning.


  1. As I look at these pictures I think what a GIFT it is to grow up with siblings all around them. A forever gift.

    1. I love looking at your blog, Jill, because it gets me excited for things to come! I especially love posts where your boys get together with their wives and babies...I can just picture that in my boys' future and it makes it a little less hard to watch them grow so quickly!

  2. Definitely worth mentioning!

    My favorite part was the sled beds! I love your boys! It was also a really great picture of them crowded around Kevin. He is such a good man.

  3. Happy birthday Austin!! Can't believe he is three already. The sled beds are super cute- I wonder which one of the boys thought it up. I love seeing my boys flock towards their dad or grandpas. It is so cute how attracted they are to men and guy stuff- Travis constantly tells us he is watching what we are doing so he will know what to do when he's a daddy. A constant reminder to be doing the right thing at every moment- because one little boy is making a mental note of it all and I want him to be the best Dad he can be when the time comes. I am so so so glad your life is all so wonderful right now!! Truly! What a blessing during this pregnancy and getting an early spring too- that would make me happy too :) We are getting an early summer back in GA...very worried about what that means for May-Sept!

  4. I'm so glad you're going through a good parenting patch because I'm going through a rough one at the moment. Not because Grace is struggling, she's fabulous as always, but because of me. I don't have much energy, so I just end up feeling guilty every day. I've been sending her to play outside with the neighbors so she actually gets some play time because otherwise it's just laying around and reading books. Ugh. I love this nice weather though!


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