taste of things to come

Today felt like Spring and we couldn't get enough.

Kevin took Jack and Taylor golfing with him.  They were thrilled to ride in the cart and find abandoned balls.  When we tucked them in tonight Taylor said spontaneously, "Dad! Do you know what the best part of my day was?  Going golfing with you!" 

When they got home we hung out on the porch and did a little weeding while the boys pulled every last riding apparatus out of our garage and joined neighbors, zooming up and down the sidewalk.  

Later Noah joined me at the store where we purchased all of the essentials for a backyard hot dog roast.  We nearly forgot the graham crackers, but he remembered them at the last minute and saved the day.

We came home to a well-built fire in our well-built little fire pit (good job, Kev) and although the smoke was pretty awful, causing lots of tears and whining, we had a grand time and I ate four s'mores. Adam won the little piggy award, though.  I gave him a big marshmallow and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth.  They boys couldn't stop laughing at our chubby bunny.  So cute. 

Then it was baths and beds for all, and they were sleeping soundly within minutes, as little boys do when they've had a busy, sunny day.  

And so, Spring, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting and we want you to know that we're ready for a long-term relationship whenever you are.


  1. Nothing better than a hot dog roast! Especially after a long cold winter. Although I am partial to ones in the fall as well. Smores are the best.

  2. Amen! I'm ready for spring to be here for good too!

  3. Spring is so wonderful! And even though it is hard to lose the hour, I love the extra daylight and the fact that the kids start suddenly sleeping in. Happy Spring!

  4. What fun! Utah weather is great for fireside bbqs. And I just left a comment on your last post too.


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