sweet jack

Yesterday I asked Jack to run a book over to a friends house for me.  He'd been squirrly and was happy to get out of the house.  Adam was sleeping and Noah and Taylor were playing in the basement.  Ausin, however, was right there and wouldn't hear of being left behind.  I put coats and boots on both and sent them on their way. 

It was a journey I could see from my window. Jack held Austin's hand and they waited, and waited for a slow car to come and then go before crossing our street. Once across, Jack let go and started along. It was SO cold though. The wind was blowing and Jack quickly put on his hood. He then turned back to Austin who stood still so Jack could pull up his hood too, and fasten the velcro under his chin. It was such a sweet moment and I raced to grab my camera, but missed it. They continued down the sidewalk, Jack slowing his pace so Austin could catch up.

 When the book was delivered, I watched them return and it took me a minute
to realize what Jack was doing.
 He was walking backwards, creating a barrier between Austin and the wind that they were now walking against.  They chugged along this way until Jack took his hand to cross the street.

As they approached the door, I came out with camera in hand, wanting to get one last picture of the two of them together.  But when I asked them to stand still for a second, Jack said
 "But Austin is so cold mom, I think he should get inside."

And I've been a sortof girly emotional sap with this pregnancy, so I couldn't help but think of these boys, all of these boys, growing up, having eachother...and get a little choked up.   


  1. The great triumphs of motherhood are when we catch our children making good decisions on their own. This is so sweet! I would have been close to tears too, and I don't have pregnancy to blame it on :) You are a wonderful mom- all those boys are so lucky to have you!

  2. You're not the only one choked up! I've got tears here! I want my little boy to be like Jack when he gets older. He's not even out of my womb yet, and I want Jack to be his mentor for life.

    You are doing something right, Natalie. You are a good mom.

  3. That is so sweet!! I am glad you got to witness it.

  4. That is one of the SWEETEST posts I've ever read.
    What wonderful things are happening in your home.
    If only every child could have such a childhood.

  5. I thought about this all day yesterday and all this morning. I just wanted to comment again, and say how much I have been touched by Jack's example of kindness and tenderness. I really do not think many brothers would do what he did. Most would feel annoyed at being followed, or something. I just loved this story so much! I hope I can teach my children to love and care for each other!

  6. So, that is the sweetest thing EVER!

    It just shows how well you are teaching your boys to be empathetic and care for each other.

    Also, I've been kind of blog-negligent lately, so I just barely saw your a-maaaazing news!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! So excited for you to have some pink. She and her cousin will be best of friends! :) (I was reading your posts backwards, so I caught you talking about hoping for hand-me-downs and immediately scrolled down for your news....way exciting!)


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