Marlee and Luke welcomed little Ivy into their family last Thursday!
Doesn't Marlee look so great?? 
On Friday, Kevin and I took the boys to meet their new, beautiful little cousin:
Taylor could not get enough.  He wanted to hold her, and see her fingers, and touch her toes.  He was delighted with everything about her!  And who could blame him?

Marlee is doing just amazingly well.  I feel like I was a huge baby about everything after Jack was born...it was not an easy adjustment for me and while I adored my little Jacket, I was a mess.  Marlee is surprisingly tough.  I guess in a way it isn't surprising, but her mantra has long been "I do what I want" and, well, babies tend to make that suddenly impossible.  I guess I expected more resistance, or...something.  But no.  She's upbeat and just doing it like it's nothing.  Amazing.

They even joined us for dinner yesterday, and I couldn't get over how cute little Ivy is!  
 I love her dark hair and dark eyes!
So far, she's handling the whole "coming to earth" ordeal much like her mother is facing her huge new role...
taking it in stride like it's no big deal.=)

Congratulations, Little Ivy.  You've got a great life ahead of you!


  1. That is so exciting! I am happy for her. Taylor is so cute.

  2. Ivy is so beautiful!! Congrats to Marlee, she really does look amazing! So glad to hear everyone is doing so well :)

  3. Wow, she looks like natural! Congrats Marlee!!!

  4. She looks SO much like your mom in that second picture!! Yay for baby girls!

  5. The very best part of earth life is newborn babies.
    I'm sure you can picture your little girl being BFF with little Ivy, right? :)

  6. I LOVE newborns. What a darling! Congrats to your sis. And again, I am so happy you will have little girls so close in age. So fun!!!

    And Taylor is going to be a champion pill-swallower. I gag on prenatal vitamins; if only I had his skills.

  7. Beautiful Darling little girl! Can't wait to see yours next.


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