Today seems like a good day to get back into blogging.  In truth, I've been just trying to keep my head above water for the last few months and blogging has been on the back burner.  It's too bad really, because there are a lot of lovely things I could have documented.  Except taking pictures has been on the back burner too, so the posts probably would have been pretty boring.

As for the state of things now...they're still crazy.  I'm going strong in my classes.  I'm taking a marriage class and a New Testament class and I know what you're thinking {easy!} because that is what I was thinking too when I signed up for them.  In some ways they are easy.  The reading is easy to comprehend and I don't have to do any equations of any sort, so hooray for that!  But there is a LOT of reading, and hours of writing to be done each week.  My poor little sons.  They're becoming more independent out of necessity but overall we're getting along pretty well.

I officially have two months left in my pregnancy and I feel it.  It will go fast and slow.  We'll be visiting Washington for a few weeks and I can't wait for that.  And I'll be graduating at the end of July, and that will be SO great.  Honestly, I think adding a baby to our family will be less crazy than these last few months of trying to balance life and school.

As far as catch up highlights go...

My sister-in-law Nicole had her baby girl (Kate!) after 3 boys.  How fun that we both get our girls within a few months of each other!

 Gavin graduated so he and Kristen moved out to Illinois where he'll be working...I miss her every day, but console myself by listening to the CD she finished just before she left.  Listen here.
{on our last day with Auntie Kristen before the move} 

Jack graduated from Kindergarten and it's a joy to have him home full time.
 (that's Mia there in the red...)

We've been up the canyon many times already this year...I'm afraid I'm addicted to the mountains.

My sister-in-law Andy had her FOURTH girl (Clara!) and I can't wait to meet her...someday.
Adam is a wanderer and its been scary to have him disappear a few times.  He's a little boy now and it's amazing to watch his personality blossom.  He was my most mellow baby, but he is starting to give me a run for my money=)

We had our first stitches just yesterday morning when Austin ran into the corner of the kitchen counter, so that was exciting.  It's interesting...we've been without insurance for over a year and thankfully haven't needed it.  The very week we got it again, this happened.  We've been very blessed.

Kevin took him to our pediatricians office and they were able to get him right in.  Lucky that Kevin hadn't left for work yet, another blessing for me. Austin was very brave and didn't cry a bit.  He told me how they put magic lotion on his head so it wouldn't hurt anymore, how he watched Finding Nemo, and he was especially happy about the angry birds bandaid they put on him.

Of course, there is so much I've failed to capture, but it's something.=)  I hope your Summer is off to a good start!


  1. Oh Natalie this post was so good! I've been wondering how you've been doing and I know baby time is getting closer!

    My most mellow baby was my hardest as a toddler...he was a total wanderer and we had some scary times. I use to pray each morning that he would live til age 3 when I knew he would get some sense.

    I'm certain that was no coincidence you did not need the insurance when you didn't have it. Oh the blessings of tithing.

    Your boys are all growing so....and getting more and more handsome if that is possible. Good to see them!

  2. I'm glad every time you post! You should just post some of the writing you have to do for your classes-I'm sure they'd be fascinating- and then you'd have killed 2 birds with one stone, blogging and homework!

    Your five boys are SOOOOOOOO cute. I LOVE the picture of them all together. And that Jack is as handsome as all get out.

    Love the picture of you all in the canyon. Looks so fun. Happy rest of the summer!

  3. How lucky that your sister moved to Illinois! She'll love it out here, I just know it. :) I'm so glad that you're getting a girl! I bet it'll be a whole new world at first, but much of the same. However, she'll give you a run for your money if she's super girly like Grace is. We find out tomorrow what we're having and I just can't wait! I would have gone weeks ago if we had fetal photos in Illinois...but apparently it sounds crazy to people out here to go to the mall to find out what you're having. :) I'm excited for you to graduate! And I'm also glad that it's so hard because you'll appreciate it all the more for it. Congrats a little early!

  4. I love hearing about this. I love your family.

  5. You are UH-MAZING! I am BAD BLOG FRIEND. I am also SO EXCITED FOR YOUR BABY GIRL! Only one more month (or less)! :)


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