the rundown

Clearly, this blog is outdated.  The pictures, the heading, all of it.  Even the content is not very current anymore.  I'll be working on the design soon, but for today I'll just be catching up on what's going on in our lives.

So as you know, we have a girl.  She started out quiet and sleepy, then went through a dramatic phase of crying often.  I think her tummy hurt her and she would be very fussy often and even inconsolable at times. I was so grateful for the miracle blanket that our midwife had given us.  It really seemed to help her feel better when we swaddled her in it.  After about 7 weeks, she turned a corner.  I think her digestive system worked out its kinks and suddenly she was happier in general, and never so upset that I couldn't calm her fairly easily.  She's just adorable to me.  I can't tell if she's really cute or not by the world's standards, but I personally can't imagine loving her more.
 She seems smart and sweet and generally happy.  She wakes up at least twice a night, but is getting a little better at staying asleep once I feed her and move her back into her bed (sometimes hours later because I fall asleep).  But she has never had a really horrible night and I usually get about three hours of sleep at a time which is better than average.
(photos courtesy of Noah Larson Photography)

In other news, Taylor started Kindergarten forever ago now.  I was anxious to see how he'd do.  Taylor is not my most easygoing child at times and I wondered how he'd feel about this new situation.  He never went to preschool but he's always done fine in primary at church.  I met with his teacher last week and he is doing great.  He's made eight friends, plays tag every day at recess, is progressing academically, and overall he's just moving along quite swimmingly.  I think the structure is good for him.  Structured is not the first word I'd use to describe our home life, so I'm glad he's taking to it at school.  

Noah is a pleasant little guy to have around as the oldest while Jack and Tays are at school.  Often we get about half an hour to ourselves after they leave and before someone else wakes up.  We like to read together.  He's funny and smart.  I know people say their children get bored before they are old enough for school, but I've never had that problem.  I'm guessing it is because there are many brothers to keep them company.  If I don't intervene, they could spend all day getting into mischief of one kind or another. Noah is a pretty good ring leader and a pretty amazing peacemaker. 

Right now the boys are running in with cups, filling them with water, and carefully going back outside.  When I asked Taylor what they were doing he hesitated, then said, "it's just...something fun...um...nothing really."  Oh boy.  

Jack has adjusted just fine to the full day of school.  I miss him, but we're both staying busy.  He likes his teacher and she seems good.  Not as nice as his teacher last year, not as sweet.  But she seems even tempered and pleasant enough.  He doesn't complain about anything.  When I met with her the only thing negative she had to say was that Jack often takes off one of his shoes and says his foot hurts.  I had no idea.  I still need to ask him about that.

Austin continues to love LOVE baby Jane.  Now that she smiles and coos a bit, the other boys are a little more interested in her too.  For Austin, though, there is nothing conditional about his love.  If she cries, he just professes his love for her even louder and more enthusiastically in an attempt to cheer her up.  He's generally cheerful himself, but occasionally flips out for dumb reasons, causing me to think he really should still be taking naps.  He won't do it, no matter how I try to bribe him to.  So, we have a cranky Austin from time to time, but most of the time he's a wonderful little pal to me. and to Jane.

Adam has improved quite a lot.  He still has a mean streak, but it doesn't come out nearly as often as a few months ago.  He's not talking much and I wonder if expanding his language would help him to feel less frustrated overall.  He doesn't like to talk.  He loves making noises that sound like talking, and every now and then he'll shock me with words like "hot dog" or "cookie" when he sees a great benefit in expressing clearly what it is that he wants, but if I try to get him to say anything he'll just say "no." and that is that.  Sometimes, if he's in the mood, he'll humor me and go along with my requests just long enough to let me know he knows exactly what I'm asking. Then he'll be done and won't say another thing.  

And as for me, I'm trying to be better right now.  I'm trying to get to bed earlier, to be kinder, to read my scriptures throughout the day, to limit TV in general and to be very careful about what I watch.  I'm also really trying to get my house in order.  I'm reading a book right now by Richard G. Scott.  One thing I read today was "Discover how a clean, neat, quiet place can enhance spiritual direction in your life."  I can't go to the temple as often as I like, and things aren't often very quiet here at home, but I'm working on the clean and neat part.  I feel like it will add a degree of peace that I'd like to have in my life. 

And then there's Kevin.  He's wonderful in so many ways.  

I don't mean to short change him, but I have no time left and this post has taken me all day as it is and 4:12 in the afternoon happens to always be pretty awful around here.  Everyone starts to get starving and Jane starts being super needy and no one wants to do homework...and suddenly my house seems to explode and is messier than it was just minutes ago and dinner seems like a difficult question.  So, I'm off to face all of that with a baby in one arm and 3 whiners who are about to die of starvation following me around. =) Dinner suggestions anyone?


  1. Love the update; I'm making burritos for dinner. :)

  2. YES she REALLY is that CUTE. And red is her color!
    I enjoyed every word of this post...such a nice catching up, but I don't know how you found the time, even in snippets!

  3. I love the catch-up! Suggestion: David and I can come babysit. He can entertain the boys (he's good at that...lots of energy...), and I can take care of your Baby Jane and my Baby David. Then you can go to the Temple! Email me!

  4. Jane is adorable! So happy that you have a girl! I love the family pictures a couple posts below, makes me so happy I almost want to cry! What a beautiful mother you are. You amaze me and I haven't even seen you since you had any of your SIX children!!


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