her biggest fan

Every time he sees Jane, Austin says "Baby Janie is so Teute!" with a huge smile on his face.  He'll tell her she's SO beautiful and ask her if she's happy.
 Austin loves Jane with all his heart.  I'll say "I love you Austin" and he'll say "and I wuv baby Jane"
When she was brand new he'd get face to face with her and ask "do you know me, janie? Do you know me?" in a sweet, high pitched voice.
Now that they've spent considerable time together he instead says "Do you wuv me, baby Janie?"
  I think she must. Who wouldn't love a brother like Austy?


  1. aaaaaahhhhhhhh!That is so sweet!!!!

  2. That totally melts my heart! What a sweetheart!!!

  3. That's simply the cutest thing in the world. What a great fan to have! And what a great superhero cape he has on!

  4. soo sweet Austin!!! love the "teute"
    how is school going for Jack and Taylor this year? I can't believe we are almost halfway through Kindergarten over here!

  5. I love Austin's cape. This is such a sweet, everlasting relationship. There is nothing more wonderful than a family.

  6. Please do another update. I love reading about your family!

  7. I love this post about Austin and Jane. It is seriously the cutest thing to watch in real life.


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