how we're doing

she usually has a great half hour in the morning, calm and happy.
(sweetest baby ever)

a pretty needy rest of the day, lots of holding, sprinkled with short little naps.
(nothing accomplished for hours on end)

a fussy, uncomfortable hour or so in the evening, digestion isn't so fun.
(sad, rough, poor jane, poor parents)

and a night of bonding, as she strongly prefers my bed over her own.
(jane sleeps well, i do not)

thank heaven for little girls.
(and husbands who do laundry and clean kitchens)


  1. She is so darling. I think she looks like Taylor!

  2. Hopefully her tummy troubles will get better in the next little while and she will lose the fuss! Poor little Jane. She is sure a cutie.


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