Yogi Janie

Jane can scoot, but she can't quite crawl. As Jane is in between phases right now, her attempts at advancing often look as if she's trying to strengthen her core while achieving inner tranquility. 

{gently ease yourself into the downward dog position}

{while maintaining that position, slowly lift your right leg}

{now lift your head and hold that position...breathe...}

 Enter Noah and Adam...

 {relax, smile, relax}

 {And...go back to downward dog}

Beautiful quilt courtesy of Amy Springer, who also took the amazing pictures the morning after Jane's birth.  She is truly one of my heroes.


  1. Looks like the cat was enjoying the yoga, as well!

  2. My favorite picture is the first one. It just says so much about her determination. And she has the cutest little body. :)


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