Just a few more weeks of school and then we'll be free!  I love that thought and have been counting down for some time now...like since January.  It's not just because I tire of the daily disruption of picking them up.  I genuinely like having them here.  with me.  It's going to be a good summer, too.  We are building a tree house of sorts (well, Kevin is) and I can't wait for it to be done so my boys can get adventuring in it.  Here's where it stands right now:

That tube there on the bottom left is going to be an awesome slide.  I think Kev will finish the floor this week, then on to the railing and ladder.  I think we'll enclose the bottom and make it a sandbox. It's taking a long time, weeks and weeks...I just can't wait because I'm so excited! I wish we had a good branch for attaching some kind of tire swing...maybe we'll figure something out.

For mother's day I've asked for a fence =)  Our yard is fenced, but not enclosed on the sides of our house.  It's something we just keep meaning to do, but haven't done.  We can't decide if we should hire someone, or just do it ourselves (kevin's self).  Kev is feeling particularly handy lately thanks to the tree house, and I do think he can totally handle it.  I just don't know if I can handle the time it will probably take.  I've heard that when it comes to this sort of thing people want things done well, done fast, and done cheap...but you can only ever have two out of the three.  I can tell Kevin wants to do it, so that is probably what will happen.  I'll just have to remind myself that I asked for it when I don't see him for 3 Saturdays in a row.  How much is it worth to just have it done in 4 hours?  Oh, so tempting...

Despite all of this home improvement, I'm starting to really feel the desire to move.  I love my house.  I love so many things about my house. I just dream of more land.  Our friends are moving left and right and houses are selling quickly in our area for good prices.  It's made me itchy.  I'm content to stay for now, happy even. But I can't help it if my fingers keep typing in utahrealestate.com each time I sit down to my computer...I just can't help it.

I didn't start this post with a theme, but I see it.  I'm impatiently counting down the days until summer, I want a tree house and I want it now, and a fence now, and I want land now.  Do you think maybe I could use some patience? 
umm...yes. =)


  1. So good to see your updates! Good luck sticking it out a few more weeks until your wishes are granted.

  2. Alrighty, it's time for a blog update from you. Tree house pictures! Adding Jane to the family!

  3. I've loved reading about your family! Please update!


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