I'll be better

Last night Kev and I stayed up late talking about changes we'd like to make in our lives. For me they include:

1. banning a few guilty pleasure shows I've been watching for a while
2. more attentive, fun, and patient parenting
3. spending time in more meaningful ways
4. getting to bed earlier

It was a good talk, one that generated hope and enthusiasm. Work has been a little slower for Kev and life with 4 kids is definitely more straining than 3, so we both appreciated the little pep talk. I'm so grateful for my relationship with Kev. No one has a better marriage, I'm sure of it.

Marlee called today. She bought tickets to Divine Comedy for Kev and me and volunteered to babysit all four kids at her apartment so that we could go on Friday! What a wonderful person she is...one of my favorite really. I've convinced her to start a blog of her own, just for my benefit because I find her musings very entertaining. She's written to me faithfully for 2 days now, and I looove it!

My soft baby is nestled on my chest, his bum resting on the desk as I type this. I love him. Jack and Taylor are watching Snow White and eating bread. Noah is sleeping, or at least being very quiet in his room. Each time I try laying Austin down today he grunts, then cries. He just wants to be right here with his mama. So, as much as I want to be cleaning my house right now, I'm stuck here smelling his fuzzy head.

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