pointless post?

I'm going to post right now...although all of my kids are awake and we're about to enter the hardest time of day: post-nap, pre-kevin getting home. There is rarely a good time, but I just want to say that I LOVE my life. My Kev let me sleep in for 2 extra hours this morning which is probably the biggest reason my outlook on life is so sunny. He is amazing to me. He works hard all day, but always puts my needs above his own. Tonight he will be happy because I will have dinner all ready and the house clean when he arrives. We'll probably get the kids to bed by 7:30 and watch a movie. Maybe I'll make sugar cookies. The hope is that because I type this it will be so.

My sisters would make fun of this post...they often laugh at the updates mothers make on facebook like "so and so is about to tackle the laundry" or "is going to make lasagna for dinner tonight...yum!" or "was up all night with my sick 4 year old". They are young and unmarried and think it's really funny that moms post such insignificant updates in an attempt to validate their lives. I can see the humor in it, how pathetic it must sound. But, dear sisters, these little nothings are the substance of a mothers life, our tiny victories that keep our families functioning. So please don't think I'm lame for reporting: "Natalie is about to peel 20 potatoes for soup" because, come on, even you have to admit...that's a lot of potatoes.

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  1. Natalie, I love this! I love love love this! You know of course that I would love this. But you are really doing this! You are. You are such a wonderful mother and daughter. Finally I have someone who really knows the secret, the mysterious truth that the "give over" is so good. Why is it? I don't know--but it is. I love you.


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