Yesterday we went to church, as we always do on Sunday mornings. I believe that worship is very important. And although I spend most of my time trying to keep all the boys quiet (usually unsuccessfully) I find it helps add a steadiness to my life that I can't do without.

It isn't without stress though. Anyone who has ever sat anywhere near us can tell you we're hopeless. Especially since #4 arrived....grossly outnumbered. A kindly couple held Austin last week (our worst week yet) so that was really helpful. I get nothing but kind, sympathetic comments from people but I'm sure there are a few people out there who think we're crazy. Again...worrying what people think.

I'm optimistic every week, thinking maybe it will go better, hoping that all that I stuffed in my diaper bag will entertain my little boys for one hour. There have been a few golden weeks where things have gone smoothly, the exception that keeps me hoping.

We had dinner with friends and it was sooo good. I love Sunday dinners. Especially when its super tender roast, potatoes, beans, amazing gravy all made by someone else. I provided the rolls (Rhodes helped, I haven't mastered from scratch yet...I've only tried once) and cupcakes. It was a nice afternoon, cranky boys and all.

Today things have gone smoothly and I love how my life is turning out so far. I talked to my mom for hours as I cleaned, supervised kids, and did laundry. She was doing laundry, cleaning, vacuuming 500 miles away. Thank goodness for free long distance. I don't know what I'd do without her.

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