Last night we had my old roommate and her husband over for dinner. I hadn't seen Angie since college, but we recently reunited via facebook. It was so fun to see her again and catch up.

Isn't it crazy how the world is now? You never have to lose track of anyone for long, and even people you don't really care about too much pop out of the past all the time. It's still a concept that I find incredible.

I think of that Garth Brooks song "What she's doing now." Had facebook been around back then it could have spared the poor guy all the agony of wondering. He'd just have to make a friend request and hope she didn't ignore it. There are a few people in my generation who don't have accounts, but not many. And I imagine pretty much every college student now has one. From here on out no one will ever have to wonder again. just crazy.

Its kindof sad really. Little by little all the mystery is being sucked out of human relationships. Who knows how my parents courtship would have played out if after their first chance encounter dad had simply searched mom out on facebook and sent a friend request. Or any love story in history...does facebook kill the idea of romance as we know it? Okay, so probably not. I am very glad, though, that my story of "how I met your father" doesn't contain the words "and I was so excited when he changed his status to read 'in a relationship!'"

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